Sunday, March 6, 2011

gotta make this fast..

this is one of the pretty sunsets i have been taking lately, and me and sean last weekend when i had just started the weightloss..

i should be studying right now. i have been putting all my efforts into my studying and not my blogging and i probably should make some time for it. i am doing so much better right now..i have gone to the doctor and got some tests done and hopefully soon will find out why i am in pain..supposed to go to the pain doctor..but i got a double dose strength of a water pill and now i am floating to the one week i have lost 17 pounds using this water pill..

of course i am watching what i eat and how much i eat and i am not drinking any pop..i have let go of the pop and am now drinking tea..i eat alot of salads..i know something sean never touched but i like i am eating alot of that and trying to walk as much as i can at school..i walk about 45 minutes all together to get to class and back to the i walk enough..right now i am in so much pain that it hurts to move around..i am going to therapy again but cant get wrapped again until the 21st of this month..but so far i dont think i have gotten fact with the 17 pounds gone it has helped me..

well my days anymore consists of going to school and taking care of mom and taking pictures of anything and everything these days..
i wanted to let you all know i am doing more focused than i have been in a long time..and i appreciate all of you for your concerns and your loyality to my page..

i really better get to studying got to get up early tomorrow..
goodnight and god bless