Wednesday, February 2, 2011

im still here..

our winter blizzard, and me outside can tell i have gained the weight in the face..i feel awful..having all the problems like before..

im sorry i havent kept in touch with still here everyone..i havent done well though..i ended up gaining 30 pounds back up to 326 now..its awful and i am just not sure anymore no i do know what to do..but for some reason i am just not caring enough to do it..its winter time here .we are in a blizzard right now..and i cant seem to walk but i do have to walk when i am going to i am walking some..

we got thru christmas and now were getting into february...hopefully soon i will be able to really walk outside..but it wont do any good if i keep eating like i have been doing..i didnt mean to worry anyone..i am thankful you all kept watching for me..its nice to know you all are there..i did get back in school this now i only have 3 semesters to go and i will facebook friends know how iam right now.i do keep up with that everyday..i just havent felt like writing for a while..i got off of the whole thing and just didnt concentrate on anything..i am watching it some and i do stay conscious of it but not enough..i hate it too..i really hate it..cause now my legs are back to being bad and i am short of breath and walking hurts all over i guess the only thing i can do is start again..i have to start all over and get back to feeling good again..i really hope i can get to feeling good..i guess walking at school will help.. and when it gets warmer i will go outside..but i am still here and i will try and do this blog seemed to help before..

enjoy your journey and stay warm