Tuesday, April 19, 2011

yea i know its been a long time.

these are just some of the photos i have been taking..visit my website and you will see the rest..

dear friends,

i know i have not even thought about blogging for a while, and i know that is so wrong..i havent watched myself and i even drink the pop..yes i do i drink the reg. pop..i have not tried and all i have to blame is myself..so many people have tried and tried to get me back on track..i know they are tired of telling me things that go in one ear and out the other..and honestly there is no but..i just havent done it..i want to ..no i dont want to or i would be doing it..

i can tell myself all kinds of excuses but its not going to help..i gained back to 330.okay that is where i was when i started this..i lost all the weight for nothing, and now i have it to do all over again..a lot of fun..but i will have to do it..i do have a choice..i could die i guess..do i want to do that..NO! so watching the calories and no more pop and some sort of walking is something i have to do..my sister who has diabetes just got out of the hospital today..her blood sugar had gotten out of control..see she wasnt doing anything either..i dont know why we didnt..i suppose we just didnt care at the time..there are times i get to where i just dont care if i am heavy or slim..i get depressed and i just eat ice cream or i drink alot of pop..and i guess here for a while i have been doing just that..
i have never been told i was actually diabetic, i was borderline a few years ago which means i could possibly get it..but now we have to get busy and get her blood sugar down..now is the time for me to get busy and keep going..i have everyday to do this..as long as im here i may as well take control of what i eat..this blogging is something i need to be doing everyday..i guess i will have more time now..its almost summer..walking weather..i have started a website as well for my photos..im kellidee photography ..im actually at fine art america.com i will put my link on here..hope you stop by and look over my pictures..im selling them as well..and if your on facebook with me i have a fan page too..kellidee photography...
hope you all enjoy the night..