Wednesday, December 22, 2010

merry christmas!

our tree tonight..

hi everyone..i have been so busy lately with christmas that i havent found time to do the blog..but i have been doing pretty good..i was doing really well til the weekend came along..i dont know why but i seem to have problems around the weekend ..

i got to where i was walking twice a day though..i am going to stick with that too because i feel so good when i legs really feel good..i havent walked today and very little yesterday but tomorrow i will be right back to walking...

i decorated the tree tonight..i know its late but my uncle has been selling real michigan trees and so he brought us one last was a big tree..bigger than i have decorated before...but it was sure pretty..

i have been doing pretty good about the calories too..the last couple of days i didnt too well but i will more going off..

well i am headed to bed..its late..enjoy this week..its almost christmas..
enjoy the journey

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

walking is a big key to success..

me and my brother keith at christmas time when i was a little girl..

well today is another good day..its been nice outside and i decided i cant let go of the walking.i dont want to stop it and then go back to the way i was ..where i just didnt care..i cant do that i went outside with my coat on and put my hat on and walked til i got too tired to do anything else..i ended up walking 2.25 miles before i had gotten too tired..then i decided i needed to rest and go again a little we went and did our errands and then came home a little later for my second go around..

i wanted to match what i had done this afternoon but i ended up doing a mile and a half was just so cold when i got out there the second time, that i couldnt do a whole 2.25..that will just have to wait ..i feel pretty good going out everyday and walking..its when i get done that i feel so pooped i cant stand but it will get me going..i really believe walking is the main key to this success..

i did well on my food too..i had 1300 calories today and actually thought i wasnt going to be doing well..well we had gone to taco bueno and i got 3 tacos but i love refried beans..i really should have looked at the calories before i ordered but i didnt and so i ate it anyway...well after i looked at it i then counted it up and i had 900 calories in this meal..i couldnt believe it..200 for each of the tacos and 300 for the refried oh my so i had eaten 1200 by that time..and was now at the amount i i did well tonight..nothing but a banana and some green feeling good now..i feel alive and i feel like i will do this..this is going to happen and i am going to do it now..

enjoy the journey along the way..

i made 3 and a half miles today..

well i am focused now..this is going to happen and i am going to make it happen..i went out and walked today and it was so nice ..45 degrees and i felt good outside..i decided i wanted to get my 3 miles in but i didnt have enough time to actually do it all at i walked 2 miles in 38 minutes and it felt good..i then went out again about 3 hours later and walked another mile and a half in 25 minutes..i couldnt believe it i had done 3 and a half miles today..i would like to get 3 miles all at one time and may do that by the end of the week..

i am feeling good about this and it seems pretty simple as long as i keep my mind on it..thats what i have to do..i have to have this time to do this for me...this is my health and what i have to do to get it better..its going to take some time but it will happen..

i did well on the calories and it just seems to be easy to do..i dont eat a whole lot but what i am eating now is apples and bananas..focus is the key ..consistency is the key and i am really trying to keep that in my head and i know exercise is the key as well..i have to be able to keep after it and i think i like that little engine that could ..remember that story..i think i can i think i

well i am going to get to sleep its late..
enjoy the journey

Monday, December 13, 2010

i just did not believe it..!

me walking out in the cold..

wow..well you all knew i was going to weigh today..and i decided i needed too ..i wanted to see if i had lost anything and wow i was so i stepped on the scales thinking i would see a 4 pound loss if i was lucky..i never dreamed i would see an 8 pound loss in 6 days..can you believe it..8!

i was so excited all day..i just couldnt believe it..i now weigh 311 and it was so close to 310 that it kept going over there but it stayed on i said okay i can take

this has been a great day..we even went to the stockade you know the buffet line..well this is the day that seniors get in for 6.00 drink and all..and they have alot of soft food that my mom can eat..and she did..she had two plates of good food..i am really glad she could eat it..well i didnt eat nearly as much as my that is a first..

i got a plate of roasted chicken and carrots and had a bite of sweet potatoes and a roll..i am getting so good now at conqouring the buffet tables..i felt good about this.i even had some sugar free chocolate was good..i ate some fruit and didnt go away hungry or full..i wasnt sick and i didnt leave there feeling bad..i had a nice plate of food and left feeling good..i had won the battle..

i feel like i have so much more focus now than i did before..i really dont know what happened but i am sure glad it did..i came home and i hadnt walked yet and was wondering but didnt wonder long..i have to keep up with the walking ..i dont care how cold it is..i have to do i went out and walked in 29 degrees and did almost a mile..i am wanting to get to my 3 miles this week but tonight it was too cold to do more than a i did it and i feel good about it all..i am now going to do my 6 minutes with my shakeweight..i have been doing that this week too and it does oh my it burns..

i really want to get this off ..i am living everyday i might as well keep living healthy..the walking helps so much more than just burning the calories..i have noticed my legs going down in swelling now and now i will be able to get my legs to a normal look again..and i know i will feel so much better..i already week and i am feeling it..i am so ready to be healthy and thin..i so want to see myself thin..i dont remember myself thin..i know i weighed 150 in high school but even that is not the thinnest..but i plan on walking everyday and i will drink the water soon..i am going to do my walking during the day since it does get so cold at night now..but i enjoyed the felt good..

but i was and still am so excited..i hope you all are doing well with your journey..
enjoy the night..

Sunday, December 12, 2010

well my focus is back for

me and my cat sofie tonight..she was sleeping on me..

hi ya all..i know i have been away way tooo long..3 weeks is too long to not put down what i am thinking and feeling and eating day to day..well you know i was starting to do well when i last wrote ..but then i fell off again and stayed off til last week..

i dont know what happened last week but something did..i have finally gotten my focus back on straight like i had before and now i am just taking it one day at a time..but i have to do it everyday..and thats the key..everyday..i am walking and keeping my calories at 1200 and sometime soon i will drink some water..but last tuesday i decided that i cant keep not caring ..because if i keep that up i wont be around to not care sooner than i is a process that takes everyday to get through..

we have problems that arise and events that happen everyday that is going to put us in situations where we are going to be near sweets or pop or tons of food that is not good for us..the key to it is moderation..if you know you are going to be in that kind of situation eat very little and look over the food at the party..if you know you are going to be eating at the party then make sure you get some exercise before you go and just know that you can only allow yourself so many calories.its not the food that is important..its the friends and family that are there to enjoy..if you are like me are the one who is the picture taker at every event..
i take pictures every where i go and so i usually dont eat very much when i am there..

i have been doing well this week..i have walked all week and actually got to 2.25 miles by friday and now i am going to work towards 3 miles starting tomorrow..i feel good about it this time..i really think i am going to get it all off now..
its something i have never done yet and i believe i will make it this time..

i am doing the 1200 calories and walking everyday..i ended up gaining back up to 322 and now i am going down again..the last i weighed i was 319 last we will see how this last week went..i am back to school now in january..i finally was able to get back to i am excited..3 more semesters and i graduate with my bachelors degree..well i will be back on more often than i have been now..

i hope you all have a wonderful moday..