Wednesday, March 31, 2010

wow another award!

this is my 2nd blogger is so cool..
these are the rules
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here are the seven people i am nominating..
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i hope you all enjoy the blogs..

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

exercising the pounds off..

i have exercised so much today..i should have exercised my weight completely off..hehe well alot of anyway..i have walked a mile and a half and then i have done an hour of reg.exercising..iam into it now..i have been doing something every two hours or so today..i love feels so good to get out there and was just a few months ago that i couldnt even walk without my cane and was using the walker all the time to walk with..well maybe i should still be using the walker some to walk with because my knee keeps going out on me..but iam not walking with the cane anymore and not walking with the i have come a long way..i wish these pounds would fall off..i know they will one day..but i do wish it would be soon..i weighed today and i havent lost a pound in two weeks..i have been losing inches but not pounds..and it is so frustrating..anyway i know i have to keep going and not look back..i dont want to go back to being 356 or even get higher..i wouldnt survive any higher..i know that..

i have had a good day..especially the walking part..i enjoy doing that..i ended up drinking 8 glasses of real water tonight..i say real water because i am used to flavor water and i just decided to drink the real stuff will take some getting used to believe me..i found some more clothes i hadnt wore before..i think it is so cool to go to the closet and pull out a whole new wardrobe..hehe

we watched the biggest loser tonight..i am not really into that show..i dont think i could ever be on there..just because i dont do well in competition and iam too sensitive and would probably cry if jillian would yell at me..hehe

i can see though she has to be strong for them and get them motivated..i just think i can be the biggest loser here at home..i can do all the same stuff and more right here in my own front yard..and thats where i do the in a year we will see where iam at..i know i will be thinner than before..iam not going back..just moving forward..keep movin on..

if i dont start shredding some pounds though i am going to be changing something..this weight has got to go..but i can already see a difference in what i used to look like and is amazing to see it sometimes..i will post a picture of me at 356 on here ..i look so different..! i hope you all have a wonderful night..i posted some ..enjoy the night..these pictures were of me when i was 356, then christmas last year and now..i have changed quite a bit at least n the

Monday, March 29, 2010

walking faster than the cats..

this is and has been a good day..a very good day..i enjoyed today even though it is a is still a nice day..God has given us so much to look at along the way and so much to be thankful cant help but like everyday you are least iam trying to love each day, and rejoice in what i have..

our routine is back to normal now so no cake til my day, and then it is going to be a pepperidge farm cake..better on the calories..sean came down today just to get his picture done with his grandma for her birthday..he is used to always having his picture done with her and for the life of me i dont know why he didnt he made another trip down to do that..but it is always nice to see him..we dont get to see him and the girls as much as we used to when they lived it is hard to get used to being away from us even though it is only an hour away...

i woke up to finding out i won an award on here..i thought that was so cool..i had only been on here less than a month and already an award..well thank you so much julie for that..i need to find out how to put it on here now..but isnt that cool..

my nephew was also letting me know how it isnt alright to be slack with the calorie thinking, and i understand that..we have to stay consistent or we will go right back to the old way of thinking and go into our old ways..i know this because i have done this too often and ended up gaining it iam getting it..if i had written down everything yesterday when i ate it like i normally do, i wouldnt have gone over..i just hadnt written it down til i went to bed and that was the mistake...from now i am writing as i eat..hehe

well i went out and walked today..not the plank but the mile around the park..and then i came back and did 25 minutes of exercises which i was proud of..and the mile i did, was in 20 iam getting faster..even faster than the cats..they were like a half block behind me so iam doing okay ..exercising everyday and eating right..its like iam just used to it problems here..even drinking my 8 glasses of water and not even missing sounds like its too good to be true but it is...and now in a year i will be slimmer than i have seen in 20 years..i will love that..i have a high school reunion next summer my 25th one and iam getting so excited to see everyone..they all know about this because of facebook and they are behind me 100%..its so nice to have so many friends like that..

these are the pictures of today..and when i find out how to post that award i is so cool..thank you so much again..i hope you all have a wonderful night and a great day tomorrow..

a great day all day..

well these days are just good days everyday..and i think it really has something to do with how we react to the day...i got up this morning and wanted to go to church..we did and had a good was a cold day but a good one just the same, and we had fun today..this was the day after my moms birthday, but she got to celebrate twice..sean and his daughter came down and brought irene with them,so we got to see all three today.. we went to a place we are used to,it wasnt a buffet place..although i might have felt better if i had gone there..i ate the rotisereri chicken and it was good, but i felt so full when i was done..the cake almost got me this time..i only had one piece, but it was the icing that i was starting to like..and the picture of me in shorts is the only time you will see it til my legs become normal again..hehe

so i took one bite a big bite but a bite of icing and left it at that..boy am i glad the cakes are done for more birthdays for us til mine in june..yea! so we got the celebrating done and came home and the movie the Titanic was moms favorite movie and it had just we had been watching a good movie to end a good birthday weekend..she had so much fun this weekend and now she has money to go shopping..whoohoo..! i didnt do badly today...i did go over my calories by maybe not tooo bad..but it wont happen again..i went out and exercised and was hoping i could exercise the fullness away..i did some..but i was full all night..
well we did have a good day and now to start a new week..good choices all week long..thats what it is..good choices..
hope you all make some good choices tomorrow too..

Saturday, March 27, 2010

my mommas birthday! and good choices..

well this day couldnt get any stressful as yesterday was..this day was as non stressful as it could be..we had the most fun momma turned 83 today and we enjoyed just being here with her..we were at home til the evening..and i washed her hair and set it and curled it for her..and then did her makeup and her nails were done we had fun..we watched andy griffith show...something g-rated to keep the day going well..and she always enjoys that show..

by 530 we were getting ready to go get the cake and go to the stockade..a buffet mind you..and so we got there and our cousin was saving our area for us..we had already reserved it but she got there and then we all sat down..her sister and brother that is left came with some of their family and so it was a nice little outing..sean didnt get to make it tonight..he will tomorrow..he had to work..but mom got to talk to all of her grandsons ..she has 4 but only 3 she talked to all 3 today..which was very nice..i sent her picture around to everyone on my phone list so the relatives could have a good picture of her on this day..she is 83..and one of the last of the relatives..

i went and got her food..only soft food for her now..she cant chew anymore so i make it up with all soft stuff..i went and got mine and i started out with a salad..i thought maybe if i do alot of salad i wont be so hungry for the rest..and i think i was right on this..when i had walked in to this place..i couldnt believe it ..they had everything i liked..and my old ways of thinking started to come back..but i did well..i said no iam not going to make bad is not going to defeat me..
and i went in and got my salad..a whole plate of it..and when i ate that i went back thru and got one plate of mostly veggies..i had green beans, and carrots, and broccoli, and some roast beef and a piece of ham..i had one roll and no seconds, no overeating, no stomachache..i did well..i was pleased..i did not over stuff..i defeated my i spent 10.00 for wouldnt be worth it to get my moneys worth, because i would be sick and gaining a pound..and then the food would defeat yes i did well..i was proud..
i took a bunch of pictures of everything i will post them..we are going tomorrow night to a pizza place..another buffet..sean and his daughter is coming i need to control it then too..i know i can..i did have a small piece of cake with the icing..but i did have the calories all in all it was a good was such a busy day..i havent been able to do my exercies which i feel bad about, but now it is so late i need to go to i will go for tonight..have a great sunday! control the choices..

Friday, March 26, 2010

what a stressful day!

wow..i dont know if this day could have been more stressful..well, maybe it could..but it just wasnt the greatest of the first things i did today, was go weigh..i wanted to weigh and see what iam before the big buffet tomorrow i did.and i havent moved off the same number all week..i weighed at the beginning of the week and it said 308, now today it says 308..i guess i should be happy it doesnt say 310 or 312..but i was hoping i had lost something..maybe i lost some inches..after all iam getting into clothes i hadnt wore in so long they probably are back in style again..hehe

well after that i had to go do a personal errand and i ended up waiting all afternoon for this to be done..something that only takes 5 minutes took an hour and a half and it made me so upset...of course i wasnt showing how upset i was too much..but i wasnt happy...and i was hungry..i was starting to look at the suckers they had there..i was getting stressed out and it wasnt we finally got done and got done with all the errands and got home..i was never so glad to see home as i was tonight..although, i was still stressed out about the whole day..i thought you need to exercise..funny how that pops in my head now..i didnt used to think that way..i used to think you need some pop and candy and ice cream to comfort you..well i did have the ice cream but not very much...i counted it in my calories..i always do now..and if i dont have enough then i dont have i went outside and did 30 minutes of exercises and walking to relieve my did help..when i came in, i was so much we had a good night despite how the day started..and now tomorrow night will be even better..i went out again tonight and did another 30 minutes so i got in two sets of exercises today..i pretended i was walking the runway like a model and it turned into alot of fun to walk..i try to be creative when i walk..hehe well i even drank 8 glasses of water today..go me! hehe i am trying so hard to really stay in it and focus, and so today i decided to drink the water and i more pop going to do going to live healthy and live long..this is a good year!

but now i am doing so much better..i am even looking forward to the challenge of my moms birthday tomorrow..i know i can do this and i will do this..
my mom is 83 now..her birthday is going to be today..on we are going to enjoy her birthday with her today..i hope you all enjoy your weekend..
God Bless You All..

controlling my choices..

well today is a bit brighter..i thought about last night and kept thinking, i dont need to let the weather tell me how to feel..i need to rejoice in everyday and be glad for the day iam in..after all we only have today..iam so thankful for all the support i recieve on here and my other sites..its so nice to know how people really care about you, even when they dont actually know you..

i can be very personal on here and find it easy for me to tell my whole life story..but i think it is very theraputic to be able to get it all out in the open and understand why we make the choices in our lives..iam of course a counseling major and will do this for a living understanding myself is something i need to be able to do to begin with..

i have done well today..i wanted to go do the exercises..i wanted to go rained here last night and into the morning hours but it was still so nice and warm this evening..i always go out in the evening..i guess i just like to be around the cold air..

we have all had a good mom had a good visit with her cousin and we are trying to get ready for her birthday saturday..i really dont dread that place..i know i can control how much i put into my mouth myself..i can do this..and i will do this..even buying a cake for my mom ..i know i will have a sliver and leave it alone..because if i make the choice to eat more than i need, then i am setting myself up to go back and start all over again..and i know iam controlling it now..this will be an everyday thing for me..controlling my choices..its my life and if i want to live another day..i better wise up..and make the right choice..

i hope you all have a wonderful friday full of right choices..

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

a cloudy day!

well this has been a cloudy day today..and somehow the clouds made my smile a little cloudy too..i am trying to keep my spirits up all the time, but lets get real here...there will be moments when i just dont feel like smiling, and today was one of those days at least for a while..sometimes i just have to make myself be in a good mood..

i think it affected my willingness with my exercises..but i did do them..i did 2 sets of exercises this evening and it did make me feel pretty good..i am really looking forward to being thin..i know i will get is just going to take some time..after all i didnt get this way over night..i went into my closet tonight and found a whole new wardrobe at least it will be when i go back to school..i know i will be an extra large and maybe smaller when i go back in the fall..wont that be cool!

right now i have a movie on the tube with john ritter as the bad guy..can you imagine john ritter playing a bad guy..! he was such a good guy..such a compassionate person..he left us way too early too..its pretty sad how so many people die at such young ages..if they had only known would they have taken the step to correct their illness..? probably but no one really knows..i have a heart problem too caused by the pondimun pill i took several years is mild but i could have a fatal heart attack..sometimes it really worries me, but i need to let the worry go and do what i can to make my health as good as maybe i will live a lot longer than people had told me before..of course we all know, that God is the only one who knows when we will die..we just need to make ourselves ready for that time..

i am going to make myself be in the best health i can possibly be in for the rest of my life..this is what i have to do if i wanna live to be an old woman..i would like to be like the old lady in the movie titanic and die comfortably in my bed..after i have lived an adventurous life..i did well ..i keep up with the calories now and exercise..its just a habit now..i am hoping the sun comes out tomorrow and makes us all feel like smiling..but iam okay..just get this way with the weather i guess..

hope you all have a wonderful night..

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

getting to know me..

it has been a beautiful spring day here..i love this kind of weather, even though iam not into tornadoes..i still like the cool weather and cloudiness..although today, it was pretty warm..we didnt do alot today..just the same stuff we do everyday..sometimes our weeks just run together because its the same places..but thats okay, were getting by...

i enjoyed doing my exercises was fun and felt good..i am really getting into doing them cats still think iam silly but i know im not..hehe i saw a friend of mine tonight, and i do enjoy talking to him..he was battling a massive headache tonight and he couldnt hardly stand i was trying to comfort him..

i stuck to the calories just seems so easy now..i know there will be days when i am going to want to eat more, iam just going to have to consider my choices..what is the best choice for me..what food do i really want to spend the calories on..? i do wish i had done this many years ago..i wouldnt have had to go through life without a boyfriend, or without dating anyone..maybe if i had done this then i would have been happier ..maybe i would have made it as an actress..i dont know, so many questions and no answers..i guess i should just be thankful now for doing it NOW..i can only go forward..i cant go wont help to go through the past and say what if..because we really dont know the answers to those questions..

i know the mental and emotional part of this journey is very important, and i am trying my best to really get inside myself and understand why i was like this for so long..why i didnt get the weight off when i was young...i really dont know why..i always wanted to lose weight, i never liked the fact that i was fat..i always said if the person doesnt like me for me then he isnt good enough for me anyway..copout..excuse..whatever you wanna call it..i was covering up for the fact that i was too scared to try and lose weight and fail at it..i always said he is supposed to look at the heart not the looks..yes thats true, but to get to the heart, he has to see the body and the face and if he isnt attracted to that then he isnt going to get to the heart..plain and simple..very few men and women rarely look at the heart first and then the appearance..

well i have decided to let that part of me go right now..when its time for me to be married or have a boyfriend then God will put someone in front of me..until then, iam focusing on my health and weight..this is too important to just set aside and say i will diet more is today and today only..i will change my life for the better and become the person i know i can be..then i will attract the man that God wants me to be with..

i hope you all have a wonderful going to bed now, after i read my Bible..

Monday, March 22, 2010

wow a size

wow this has been some day..i got up feeling some better today..although my headache kept trying its hardest to come back and did for a while..but despite that, i have enjoyed this nice weather..i got outside and did my exercises today even though it was this evening when i did really felt good..i actually did almost 2 hours of walking and exercises and it felt amazing..

i found one of my blouses that i hadnt wore since i was 29 years old, and it fit me..i couldnt believe it was a size 24 and i had gotten up to a 30-32 and was now into a when a 24 fit me i was is so much fun to see myself getting smaller and smaller..and i know i am going to be 130 pounds..i just know it..i dont think i have ever seen myself that thin least i dont remember what i looked like if i but wow and when you think it cant get better it does..i found a t-shirt tonight that is a 2x and i havent been in a 2x in i dont know how in fact i have never wore this t-shirt at this was fun..hehe

the calorie counting is becoming so easy to me now..its like old habits now..just count what your eating..i have even had ice cream today and was was in my calorie i had it..i worked it all off believe me...i felt it coming off tonight..i was sweating when i came in and it was cold outside..hehe

my sister is doing well too..she is walking 2 times a day now and thats 2 miles around here for her..she is going to be so much healthier next year just by taking it one day at a time...and thats all we can do..just take it one minute, and one hour..whatever you can do and do it the same will be easier and easier and soon you will be doing one hour everyday and before you know it, you will be seeing results.. i have been getting letters from readers on here and facebook and iam so in awe of people who are taking the time to read this blog and consider me an inspiration to them..this has been a miracle for me, and i have God to thank for this and my own family for always lovingly trying to get me to get this off..

if i can help anyone on this road to better health, and be an inspiration to anyone, then i am the one who is being blessed by this..if i can do this, anyone can do this..when i started losing weight 2 years ago, my highest was 356 and now iam 308 and when i reach 300 that will be a record breaker for me..i havent been 300 since i was 29 years old..and thats just the start..i will see 130 before i graduate in 2011..i will see it..

i hope if you have extra weight on you or you have some sorta illness, or problem..that you will put your best effort towards making your life yourself some more time on this yourself freedom..and does feel like freedom and all it is for me at least is healthy choices..counting calories and doing exercises..i know i need to start the water..i havent done that yet..but i am getting there...i so appreciate everyone who reads this blog..and i hope i do help people..its always nice to be able to help others..i know you all certainly do help me..and i appreciate that..
i hope you all have a wonderful night..

Sunday, March 21, 2010

aches and pains..

today has been a day of nothing but aches and pains for me..i woke up this morning and my arms were still feeling like jello and then my legs started to feel the same..thats about the only way i can describe it..its the muscles in the arms and the legs that feel like they are doesnt feel good..i have fibromyalgia and it is not caused by is the pain in the muscles and i have a feeling i will have it like this whenever the weather is weird..and it has been lately..

i thought maybe, if i worked out it would help..i still couldnt go outside..oh i guess i could but it would be way too cold and i would likely come down with a cold i stayed in and did exercises to my fast music that i made a cd of..i really liked it although i couldnt play it on my stereo..i could on my computer and thats what i did..i thought it was kinda funny, but i am finding myself doing exercises when iam just standing i never thought i would become addicted to moving...hehe

i do remember when i was younger maybe in my 20's and i didnt have the leg problems i have now..i used to work out alot at the local gym and really enjoyed fact i got addicted to it then too...i do like exercising and iam finding out that this is probably the most vital part of losing have to move in order to burn have to do something..

but today i almost didnt do anything just because my head hurt and my aches in my arms and legs...all day and i still hurt even now..the moving around helped the legs some and hopefully by tomorrow i will feel better..but i got the exercise done and almost an i didnt do bad..i have certainly stayed within the calorie range today..we didnt go anywhere today at least me and my momma was too cold to get her out and since i didnt feel good..i didnt want to drive..

but i had almost 1300 today..sean and his girls came down and saw us this evening..that was a nice visit..we got to meet courtneys boyfriend bradley ...he was a nice quiet boy..we took alot of pictures..we always do when were all together..
sean enjoys the pictures alot more now since he lost all of his weight..and really he looks like he has lost all of it..i know he thinks he has more to go but he is getting so thin..and his grandma keeps telling him dont lose anymore..hehe..she is a great lady..and she is going to turn 83 83..i remember when she was in her 50's and we were walking all over burbank, california ..we had just got off the bus there and was going to be living there and try to help me get into the movies..she is a great mom..always very caring..

i know on saturday we will be going to the stockade..we always do for the i will be very careful at how i choose my plate..and yes i said a plate..i dont need to go back because i paid for it..believe me if i go back i will be paying alot more than money for it in the long run..i have decided that iam not going to let food defeat me..anywhere iam at it is okay..just count the calories and your fine..
well i think now i need to get to bed..iam hurting so bad now..hope you all have a good monday!

we only have today..

I am not sure about this is saturday and it snowed and snowed and is still snowing..I wanted to do my exercises outside, but it was way too cold for arms have been hurting all day..i think it could be the fibromyalgia and the arthritis, but it sure does hurt..i have been shaky all day..well i actually didnt do any exercises today and i dont feel good about body needs it every day and from now on it is going to get it too..its like a fix..i have to do it or i dont feel this is a good fix..hehe...

well i took pictures of the snow and made the dinner for us all ..we had mac. and cheese and mashed potatoes and green beans..with grilled chicken..i noticed this time i actually counted the calories and watched the portions..usually i just slap it on and go back for more..hehe but not serving of each is all i need..and now i have had my calories for the day..i think its great when i can have anything i want as long as i count the calories..thats cool..

we watched the basketball game brother is a big basketball fan and so it was what we had on here..but all in all it has been a good day..we stayed in all day and sometimes that just gets depressing but i didnt let it get me down today..i did well and i know i am going to be thinner this time next year..we just have today to work on..each day is a new day and we are only promised that day..that we need to make it the best minute of the day possible..i took these pictures today..enjoy the rest of the weekend..


Friday, March 19, 2010

doing the exercises without an ipod..

well this is a gloomy friday night, at least weather not so fact i feel pretty good today in spite of having a headache right now..i weighed today and have lost 4 more pounds so now i have lost 9 pounds this month and iam stoked..i am really pumped..this is a day with bad weather and actually going to be more snow tomorrow..can u believe that..a blizzard and its almost spring..anyway when i went out to do my exercises this evening my ipod froze just froze on me and i had no music to do them i took my camera with me and took pictures of the cats..hehe

i know they think i am silly but hey iam the human here..hehe they looked at me like not again..not another picture..but i did it sister is doing well now and is walking 2 miles a day now..i got a picture of her too walking in the rain..hehe..

we both have done well on calories and she is finally getting rid of the 3 pounds she had been hanging onto for awhile..she uped the walking and boom its i know exercise is vital and its something we have to do forever..not a semester or a day, but forever..

my friend on facebook told me how to get my ipod unstuck..iam so thankful for that..i know thats a small thing but i need the music to be able to do the exercises..i did them though without the ipod but i wasnt as focused and the rain was coming down my exercises kinda slacked off for tonight but i will be right on it tomorrow..i did do 30 minutes of pretend music to exercises..hehe

i have had a good day, and i know its the attitude i bring to the table so to speak...its how we look at things and how we wish to view the things that happen to i was saying, we can choose to be positive and friendly and a smile on our face, or we can choose to be grouchy and negative and always complaining..we have the power to make everyday a good day..and along with the good days come the good choices we make..i want to encourage everyone who reads this and anyone who needs help as i will always need support..if you need to talk or you get discouraged..iam here for you..iam going thru the same things as all of you..i am trying my best everyday to get up in a good mood and stay this way..and i am giving it my all to stay away from bad choices..but we all will go thru occasions where we are going to really have to make the choice bad or good..and we will live with whatever choice we make..but i am here..and i am thankful that you all are here for me too..have a wonderful weekend..

well it is a good day everyday if you look at it like that!

i have had a couple of days that would usually make me stressed out..a flat always and then taking it to another station to get another tire on when we dont have the money in the first place..i would be eating candy bars and drinking pop, and doing whatever to make me feel comfort from something..i know iam going to do this now, because i have made up my mind too do it..i look at everything as a choice..i can get out of bed feeling good and having a smile on my face, or i can get out of bed with a frown and grouchy and never feel good at all..iam trying to go thru the emotions that has caused me to be this heavy for so long..

i remember being a heavy kid but was never tooo big..i weighed in at 150 in high school and ended up being 200 by the time i was 20..then by the time i was 26 i was 300 and trying to go on the pondimum and phen phen pill..and i did lose 75 pounds then, but had a heart problem to go along with it..i was on it for 6 months and had to get off..then i gained everything back and then i was 30 and 300 pounds and just kept blooming..i got to 356 until 2 years ago and i wanted to get the lapband..i was told i would die by the time i was 50 if i didnt do it..well i am almost 42 and hopefully with God at my side i will get it off by the time i am 43 and keep it off..i want to go down to 130 and stay there..i didnt do the lapband because i was losing all the weight on my own..i had lost 45 pounds by the time of the surgery and then the doctor told me he had to cancel it for another month because i didnt have enough potassium and iron in then i decided to just do it myself..i lost the confidence and the focus and just kept iam ready to fight this battle and keep going til i make it..

i am doing so well lately..i did another hour of exercising tonight even with my knees hurting so bad..they really do..but i worked it out i was glad of that..i am keeping control of my calories and really getting excited..i want to be 130 by the time i graduate with my bachelors dec. of next year..that would be awesome..! well today we didnt get charged for the new tire that was put on and that was the blessing..right now we are in a crunch like everyone else is and every dollar when we get a hold of a blessing then we catch iam studying to be a psychologist and for some reason i cant explain very well why i stayed the weight i was for so long..maybe it was no confidence, maybe low self esteem..i dont know..i always thought i had plenty of confidence in myself but i guess in myself and about what i look like is two different things..i can sing really well and that is how i became popular in high of course i have a good personality but the first impression is always what the person looks well kept they are..iam a fashion person sometimes but not always..

i guess low self esteem is some of what i have, just simply because of what i look like..i have always thought that a person was supposed to look deep into your heart to get to know you before setting judgement on whether or not they are going to like you..but being realistic, every person whether they want to admit it or not looks at the appearance of a person first..i guess i am guilty too..but i try to get to know the person regardless of what they look like..i look at the heart, and i think everyone should do that..

i guess i am just trying to figure me out...i suppose thats why it is called a just keeps going and never ends..maybe one day it will be a better journey ahead..i hope you all have a wonderful friday..and i will talk to you again tomorrow..


Thursday, March 18, 2010

i was blessed today..turned a bad day good!

i was in my green today..hope you all were too..hehe

well, this has been a day..a day like this used to make me so stressed out, that i would end up getting a dr.pepper and maybe even eating a candy bar..i know i wouldnt care what my calories were and sure wouldnt exercise..

well not day started out okay..the afternoon is when my day usually starts with the running around of errands and getting my brother from work..well i did that i took him to work and then i went to the doctor today to get my shots in the knees and wow do they ever hurt..i forgot that they hurt for a couple of days afterward..hehe but i needed them..actually i was fine walking in today but i had been having pain i got them and then the pressure built up and i hurt..i went home and got my mom and sister and we were going to do errands and before i could get to walmart, my tire went flat..i had hit something and didnt know it and i was really blessed to be able to get into the parking lot where i was at..i had to drive into the lot where the trucks go in and out..but it was right behind the tire place so God was taking care of me..then i had to walk over there and see if they could change it and so they came over and changed the tire ..luckily and another blessing was that my brother had a full size tire in the trunk and it was i didnt have to buy a tire which was good because i really didnt have any then they put that one on and said no charge..i couldnt believe it charge and it was cold and hard to take off and they were nice enough to do this for what nice guys..i felt so blessed today and we even got done in time to do our errands and pick up my brother just like nothing had happened..what a day..

we came home and was so exhausted and relieved and blessed all at the same time..i didnt get any pop that was reg. pop and i didnt over eat..i did what i have been doing everyday and that is to go and do my exercises outside..i went outside this evening and did the ramp and walked for 30 minutes twice tonight..and that was amazing in itself..because my knee kept giving out on me and it hurt so bad i wasnt sure i could make it ..i almost fell a couple of times tonight..but i did it..i pushed myself and it got easier to do..i really am having fun doing the workouts and it feels like this weight is just going to drop off..well it is very late and i need to go to i can start another blessed day..i have stuck to my calories everyday and am doing the exercises all the time..i am going to get some weights too pretty soon and wear them on my ankles maybe then it will come off faster..i dont know i dont want muscles just yet..but we will see..

i hope you all have a blessed day tomorrow too..enjoy the day..its almost spring!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

the inches lost forever!

wow this day is amazing..although anymore i think everyday is amazing..and it is, we get to get up and start things new everyday..and wow that feels good to me..i like that..i like this feeling of being able to see things in a positive light..and be able to know that i can change my way of thinking..i can make the choice to be heavy or be healthy, and i choose healthy..i know this weight is going to come off now..i can feel it slipping away..and i like that can go and not come back..hehe i decided today that i was going to exercise twice today and i was going to do it no matter what..this day has been a cold day and being outside is just a little too chilly but i did it..i went outside and walked the ramp for 35 minutes this evening and tonight too..i did 2 sets of walking and exercises on my ramp and it was 40 degrees..i know my cats just think iam silly, they even tell me so every now and then..but if they dont want to walk then they dont have

we have had a good sister walked too and my mom is feeling so much better now..everyday is an amazing day to me..because it gives me a chance to keep going and if i fall all i have to do is get back up and start again..i even turned down cookies tonight for tuna..making healthy choices now..i had 360 calories this evening to get to 1300 and i couldnt find enough food to get was funny i was looking in the pantry to find something to eat to get all my calories i never had this problem but i found the tuna then i had a protein bar and some crackers and that got me to i was good..but i thought i would measure myself just to see what i might be now, and i have lost 13 1/2 inches all over my body..i couldnt believe had only been 5 days since i had measured the first time..and now it really is showing up what i look like..i am posting the picture i took of myself tonight to show the difference in the face..this really has been a good day, and i think tomorrow will be too..hope you all have a wonderful night..i posted the black and white one to compare the difference..i took it on march12,so that was right after i measured then..

Monday, March 15, 2010

iam having fun!

i am having so much fun with this workout now..i am not only working out to feel good and get the weight off..but i am feeling good inside too..i am emotionally feeling good..this is definitely something i should have been doing all along ..but now iam doing it so no regrets just move seems to be good exercise for my cats too..i know they think i am crazy but they have probably seen me do sillier things..hehe..

my cats are something else...tux saw that i was going to do the crazy ramp thing again and he decided this time he wasn't going to walk up and down..he went to the end of the ramp and just sat there..he watched me from there and then once in a while he would act like he was walking with it was funny..sophie the only girl cat we have was new to this ramp walking and she wasn't sure herself what to think..she had always seen me walking around the place and thought that i was going to do that, so she started walking and then looked back and i was walking the ramp..but she did come back and sit and watch too..they are cute cats and we wouldn't know what to do without them...

my mom is doing better today..we took her to the doctor this afternoon and she seems to have a stomach virus..they said it was going around and she just needed to drink lots of fluids and get some she is feeling better..i put my ipod on this evening and as i was walking, i thought well i could do other exercises out here i started to use the ramp for my exercising..i had the music for it and it was good music to exercise know sometimes you just have to kick your feet around when you hear certain kinds of songs..i used to do mine to rocky..oh that was one of my favorite songs to get going by..i would pretend i was boxing and boy i would get a workout..i have really enjoyed exercises wasnt long enough for me but i will do more tomorrow..i want to do 2 sets of walking and exercies 45 minutes each that would burn some calories..

well i really enjoy putting down my thoughts and telling you all about my is such fun to learn about everyone and see how everyone is doing..i do appreciate everyone who reads my blog whether you comment or not..i hope i can be an inspiration to people as is a blessing to be able to help people when you can..i have stayed within my calorie range today too..i even saw the chocolate and passed it up because it wasn't in my calorie passing up candy bars..whew never thought that would happen..

i hope you all have a wonderful night..GOD BLESS YOU ALL..