Wednesday, February 2, 2011

im still here..

our winter blizzard, and me outside can tell i have gained the weight in the face..i feel awful..having all the problems like before..

im sorry i havent kept in touch with still here everyone..i havent done well though..i ended up gaining 30 pounds back up to 326 now..its awful and i am just not sure anymore no i do know what to do..but for some reason i am just not caring enough to do it..its winter time here .we are in a blizzard right now..and i cant seem to walk but i do have to walk when i am going to i am walking some..

we got thru christmas and now were getting into february...hopefully soon i will be able to really walk outside..but it wont do any good if i keep eating like i have been doing..i didnt mean to worry anyone..i am thankful you all kept watching for me..its nice to know you all are there..i did get back in school this now i only have 3 semesters to go and i will facebook friends know how iam right now.i do keep up with that everyday..i just havent felt like writing for a while..i got off of the whole thing and just didnt concentrate on anything..i am watching it some and i do stay conscious of it but not enough..i hate it too..i really hate it..cause now my legs are back to being bad and i am short of breath and walking hurts all over i guess the only thing i can do is start again..i have to start all over and get back to feeling good again..i really hope i can get to feeling good..i guess walking at school will help.. and when it gets warmer i will go outside..but i am still here and i will try and do this blog seemed to help before..

enjoy your journey and stay warm


  1. Kelli, it's never too late! You have to make a plan of action and go for it- I know you can lose weight and you know it too. Furthering your education is great! Just think in a year you can lose 100 pounds and almost be a college graduate if you work really hard and I believe you can succeed. Go for it!

  2. Glad you're back. Sorry you're not feeling well.
    Each day is great new day to start fresh again! Take your life back!
    You can do it!

  3. kelli...When I started I gave myself 1800 calories a day. I ate very well on that. I notice you tend to load yourself down with a lot of rules.
    The only rule you should stick to is the no full calorie pop and walking...walking is great and it makes you feelbetter.
    try and get 3 meals with 500 will feel like you are eating a ton but you know works. then add a late night snack of three hundred. At that calorie range you would get to 180 lbs eventually. Don't try to starve yourself. Just do it one week and see how you feel. It's very doable. I am still here and rooting for you. Hugs and hang in there.

  4. Nice to see you posting. Keep your spirits up!

    Hugs to you Kelli.

  5. Hey Kelli, it's good to hear from you!

    I liked what Chris said. I did it that way to start, too. Simple. Since I started at at higher weight, believe it or not I actually had one goal in the very beginning: to keep my calories OUT of the 2000's! Once I calmed down the eating, I GRADUALLY lowered it, about 50 calories at a time. You will find what works for you.

    I really believe that with each goof up, we learn. You find what works and what doesn't, and that brings you one step closer to the right plan for YOU. Personalize it. Do what works for YOU. Don't let anyone bully you into doing it their way. Make this about YOU, and what you can do for life. I love that you are going back and doing the college classes!

    Please be encouraged... this is a process. Those aren't just words... we really do change from the inside out, a little at a time. And each time we come back and DO it again, we get stronger.

    Perhaps you can think of a way to MOVE indoors during bad weather. Winter will have snow... spring will have rain... summer will have heat. There will always be SOMEthing that tries to get in the way. But if you have a back-up plan, a way to move indoors... maybe to music, or a DVD, or whatever you like, then nothing can stop you.

    You can do this. I totally believe that. :-)

  6. I like what Loretta said....there will be snow, there will be rain, there will be heat. If walking is the elephant in the room right now, why not focus on just getting the food part under control? As the weight comes off and less parts hurt, you'll acquire the motivation to walk. I've been in the 320's myself, and knees DO hurt, ankles DO swell, and the back adds its 2 cents. I'm nearing my 30 pounds off mark for the second time after making mistakes over the Halloween to New Years stretch, and am virtually pain free. I still don't "walk", but I find myself NOT circling parking lots to get the closest space, etc. All you can do is get back in the saddle. You're not alone. I had started out a second time at 1500 calories, but got frustrated over making salads, having to weigh fractions of ounces and grams of numerous ingredients, journal them etc, so I finally went to 1400 calories and allow myself unlimited non-starch veggies. I has been very liberating, and has increased my motivation to eat more veggies. You've seen my Saturday weigh-ins on Facebook. It's working! Find something you're willing to commit to and OWN it.

  7. You said it yourself, all you can do is start again! Move on from where you're at right now. Don't dwell on the woulda, shoulda, coulda's, those will get you in trouble! It is what it is!!

    You can do this!!!

  8. You can't out exercise a bad diet. Today is a perfect day to start again.

    Eat well, be good to yourself and begin by posting daily. It's not about how far it is across the stream but how much you want to be on the other side.

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