Sunday, May 22, 2011

its been too long

the clouds tonight..while i was walking
wow i have been away tooo long ..i havent exercised or even cared about drinking water or getting off pop or anything i am supposed to be caring about since december of last going on 6 months and i have put the weight back on too..well today i decided it isnt coming off by itself and it isnt going to help me any to just keep getting bigger and bigger..

i cant do that to myself..the other day a little girl asked me when i was having the baby..awe the honesty of a little one..they dont know how to be tactful yet..they just know what they see..and yep in my clothes i do look pregnant..isnt that awful i know i have gained probably all of it back..i will see tomorrow..

i decided i was going to drink water..i was going to walk too..and i did i even counted the calories today..i ate 1100 calories and i have drank 60 ounces so far of water and i walked almost a mile in 40 minutes ...well the time will get better soon...

i have been sick all weekend too with migraines so walking for me was a big thing..but i did it..i was glad i did it too..i feel good now..i really do..i dont know how much i am going to lose each month but at least i will be losing..its a whole lot better than gaining like ive been doing..

i dont know what happened, except i got to where i just wasnt caring was like the pop was my comfort and if i felt the least bit depressed which i did alot of the time, i would end up with reg.pop a 32 ounce reg.pop and i got to where i was eating candy in my room too..i would watch tv at night and i would have twizzlers in my bedroom..sometimes thats a big no no..and i dont mean a bite..

but i started thinking i really want to be thin when i graduate and i will feel so much better walking when i am a 100 pounds thinner and then 200 pounds thnner..cause yes i have 200 pounds to has too come off or i will be dead sooner than i want to be..

well i will stop til tomorrow..i am going to do this everynight..i am going to be faithful to the blog..and to myself..thanks for the support..

have a great night..


  1. I'm right with ya! I too have been on a slippery slope since February and am inching closer to " the day I will begin again". School is out for me next Friday, and I'm using that as my day to hunker down and change gears with the following Monday being my official weigh in and beginning. I haven't gained all mine back, but I've wasted a lot of time...time I could have been losing. I too got where I couldn't care, and I had an excuse on the tip of my tongue. I feel better at any weight when I am losing. When the weight comes back on, I feel worse than I did the first time I was at that weight when I thought I couldn't feel any worse! Know that you're not alone. Do you think it's a reasonable goal for us to aim to get out of the 300's in 3 months? I'm game. From there, we could set another goal to hit by Thanksgiving. Another by Christmas. Baby steps for those rougher times when food is everywhere. Let's DO IT!

  2. You really can do this Kelli! :)