Wednesday, December 22, 2010

merry christmas!

our tree tonight..

hi everyone..i have been so busy lately with christmas that i havent found time to do the blog..but i have been doing pretty good..i was doing really well til the weekend came along..i dont know why but i seem to have problems around the weekend ..

i got to where i was walking twice a day though..i am going to stick with that too because i feel so good when i legs really feel good..i havent walked today and very little yesterday but tomorrow i will be right back to walking...

i decorated the tree tonight..i know its late but my uncle has been selling real michigan trees and so he brought us one last was a big tree..bigger than i have decorated before...but it was sure pretty..

i have been doing pretty good about the calories too..the last couple of days i didnt too well but i will more going off..

well i am headed to bed..its late..enjoy this week..its almost christmas..
enjoy the journey


  1. Pretty tree. This is the first year I have an artificial one but I'm fine with it! I have been busy too but eating very well if I do say so- lots of salads, veggies and eggs! In fact, I made egg salad yesterday. Tomorrow I pick up my son and then Friday, I host our get together after the 4 PM pageant at church. My grandsons will be in it. Have a Great Christmas, Kelli.

  2. Very beautiful!
    Hope this next year is your best one ever.
    And Merry Merry christmas to you!

  3. Merry Christmas Kelli! Enjoy your holidays with your family!

  4. It's been a month. When blogs are neglected it's usually because the diet and program has been thrown out the window. That can be temporary!

    Nothing changes unless you change. You can do this! Don't throw in the towel. Please come back!

  5. Kelli, I keep looking for an update from you. How is your health? Are your legs OK? Please post- you have a lot of blogger friends who want the BEST for you and that is weight loss/good health. As anonymous posted, PLEASE COME BACK!