Wednesday, November 17, 2010

i stayed on track today..

this is sean today at 230 pounds and sean when he was about 12..he started earlyin life being heavy..go to

well today was a good day..i stayed on track and still had calories to go even when i was getting ready to be in bed..i got to 1300 calories and did good there..i havent started the water today nor have i started the exercise..i said i was going to last night but i didnt..i always find something else to do and i cant do that anymore...even if i am just doing something in my room ..i need to be doing it..i could be doing the shake weight..after all i bought it to work on my arms ..i might as well use it..

i will do something tomorrow and i will drink water too..these are important things to do and i need to put them into my daily schedule of things that are important to do..i didnt drink any reg. pop today but i did drink diet pop and i am really wanting to get off the pop altogether..i dont need the sweeteners and i dont need the i dont need the pop..its something that i should look at as evil instead of something i cherish..because it doesnt do any good for me only hurts..

well sean came back here today to weigh on the scales he started out on..for those of you who do not know sean ..he is my nephew/ sisters child but we were raised together only 3 years we really are like brother and sister..but sean is the one who started this blogging and lost his weight doing it..he had a goal of 230 sept. 15,2008 ..he was 505 pounds when he started and today he weighed 230 pounds ..2 years and 2 months later..he is truly awesome and now he helps people along their journey..he is an inspiration to so many people..

sometimes when i think of him i end up thinking of the little boy that always wanted the same thing i had and always wanted to stay at home with me when i didnt want any one too..he was always an onery kid but when he ad i became 12 and 15 we decided to become friends and go against our so we never told on each other after that..we were best buddies to each other then..

now as he is an older man ..i see his kids act like he did and they were just like he and i were..and then one day they became friends..that was cool..i am very proud of my little brother and i hope he knows that..i know our family ..well we have always been close at least the last 20 years and i know we all are very proud of sean and we love him very much..he is a smart and funny man with a big heart and compassion for everyone he sees..he truly wants to help people and i can see that in him..his girls are the same way..they truly care and i am so glad they do..i think it is so great the kind of example he is setting in front of his doing great sean..and i am very proud to be your big sister....i love you brother and i hope i can do what you have just done..see were still i want what you funny isnt it.. lol

you all take care


  1. I love you so much sis! You're going to make it too. Never hesitate to call your brother!!!!
    Your SCZ is up and strong, Kelli. I love you and thank you for all of your support!!!!

  2. I have no doubt that you can do this just like Sean cool is it to have all that support and guidance just a phone call or visit away?? You can do this girl. Drink that water today!!! I'm drinking mine right now! :)