Wednesday, November 17, 2010 drink water..!lol

i was playing around after i colored my hair..i like it..not too different ..

i think this is the way i feel right now..i cant seem to get going on the water..i am doing good about keeping on track with the calories..i just dont eat anymore after i have reached my doing okay there..its been so cold here this week that i cant seem to get out and walk..i need to exercise and quit talking about it and just do before i go to sleep toight i am going to do my shake weight..6 minutes shouldnt hurt me in any i will do it for tonight..

today we ended up at the stockade sisters favorite place..i like it but i cant afford it right now so i wsnt too happy about going..but we went and i ate salad first and then i had brocali and the pot roast ..just the meat and then i had a roll..i did have a brownie and a piece of angel food cake and so i wasnt too bad..cause when i came home i didnt eat anything after this was my meal of the day..i had eaten a cup of cereal and that was reg.pop but no water either..i really need to get some water down me ..i came home and colored my hair roots were starting to really become black and i had to do something..

i kinda feel better than i have been which is good..i need to get with it and stay with it..i was doing so well and then poof something stopped and i ballooned out wasnt fun..believe me my self esteem went with it..but i feel better knowing i can control what i eat and how much i eat..that this is one thing i can do for feel better and once i look better i will feel it just goes hand in hand..hope you all are having a good journey as well..i know there are alot of people who are out there doing the same thing i am right now and feeling just like they will never get it off..believe me it can be done..we can do this..we just have to believe in ourselves enough and want it enough to do it..we have to if we want to live for as long as we are allowed to live..

so please dont think you are alone in this..we are all doing this together and it is a rough road ..but we will make it with Gods help and the help of our friends everywhere we will do this..
until tomorrow..make good choices im going tooo


  1. I know you will kell, and you can. love the blonde oooh la la.
    Keep up the good work.

  2. lol think big life is big so after that I took lunch and move to go club because I had a meeting after work and didn't look crazy, so I picked up my broken comb and start combing again and again results to own! The results:)

    Semowlin Nispne

  3. That last comment confused the hell out of me,'re doing good with getting the eating back on pick up that water glass girl, lol...your hair looks GREAT! :)

  4. Kelli--That confusing comment was spam--for some hair loss shampoo...
    Anyway--You're doing very well--call me if you need, ok?

    Love you

  5. Kelli ........... Where are you?