Sunday, December 12, 2010

well my focus is back for

me and my cat sofie tonight..she was sleeping on me..

hi ya all..i know i have been away way tooo long..3 weeks is too long to not put down what i am thinking and feeling and eating day to day..well you know i was starting to do well when i last wrote ..but then i fell off again and stayed off til last week..

i dont know what happened last week but something did..i have finally gotten my focus back on straight like i had before and now i am just taking it one day at a time..but i have to do it everyday..and thats the key..everyday..i am walking and keeping my calories at 1200 and sometime soon i will drink some water..but last tuesday i decided that i cant keep not caring ..because if i keep that up i wont be around to not care sooner than i is a process that takes everyday to get through..

we have problems that arise and events that happen everyday that is going to put us in situations where we are going to be near sweets or pop or tons of food that is not good for us..the key to it is moderation..if you know you are going to be in that kind of situation eat very little and look over the food at the party..if you know you are going to be eating at the party then make sure you get some exercise before you go and just know that you can only allow yourself so many calories.its not the food that is important..its the friends and family that are there to enjoy..if you are like me are the one who is the picture taker at every event..
i take pictures every where i go and so i usually dont eat very much when i am there..

i have been doing well this week..i have walked all week and actually got to 2.25 miles by friday and now i am going to work towards 3 miles starting tomorrow..i feel good about it this time..i really think i am going to get it all off now..
its something i have never done yet and i believe i will make it this time..

i am doing the 1200 calories and walking everyday..i ended up gaining back up to 322 and now i am going down again..the last i weighed i was 319 last we will see how this last week went..i am back to school now in january..i finally was able to get back to i am excited..3 more semesters and i graduate with my bachelors degree..well i will be back on more often than i have been now..

i hope you all have a wonderful moday..


  1. hey kelli..great plan and I know you can do it. Good job on climbing back on the wagon. I am rootin for you.

  2. I am also in your cheering section
    and a fan club member!
    Never, Never, Never Give Up!
    You are SO worth this!

  3. go go go go go!!
    it's a new week.
    we can do this.


  4. Glad you are back, Kelli! I can't help myself but I just have to say PLAN ahead and do some cooking. I can't wait until you are under 300 again. You can do it!!!! I honestly never thought I could lose weight between Thanksgiving and Christmas but I am doing it. We can continue to get healthier. Never give up.

  5. I agree with Nan, Kelli. Plan ahead. Eat only 2 restaurant meals per week. Do your walking early in the day so you can't make excuses not to do it. No pop. Be strong. Be strong. Be strong.

  6. With that plan you will lose the weight. Food is only good for a few seconds while it's in your mouth and then it's gone. It is not enjoyed after that. But a trim, healthy body is something that you keep and enjoy 24 hours. Always pick the one that will last when temptations arise, and they will.

    Cheering for you.