Monday, October 18, 2010

hi i am feeling better

my cousin ronnie when he was a boy..he was 51 ..

i know i was just getting started again and then poof..i got sick..i have been down for 4 days with a migraine headache..oh my its been bad..the light the noise..the people walking around..oh the swirling i am making myself sick

this has been a really bad weekend...i got to where i was about to throw up and ate hardly anything..i think i did get some calories in but not all the calories i needed...but i am trying to get better now..i am still on the verge but it hopefully it wont happen..

tonight as i was trying to feel better we got news that my cousin had died this evening..we didnt even know he was this sick...he had moved to another city and didtnt tell anyone where he was..i guess one of our cousins found out and kept in touch the last few months..but he was only 51 and was a close cousin with my brother being the same age range..

but i am trying to get my focus back to feeling good and then onto losing this has to come off..i am just glad i am not around the candy bars they were such a tempting thing to have around..and we never sold them so they were just there day after day...

now i have just got to get to a job that doesnt have food around all the time..i hope i can find one like that..looking for work is not fun..very stressful..
well i think i will go back to bed..i am floating today from all the meds i am taking for the migrine..i even got a shot and took 3 pills..i sure hope it goes completely away...

talk to you tomorrow


  1. hey hun, my sincere condolences. i know how hard it is to control my eating in the face of personal stress, so i'm wishing the best for you.

    i also want to thank you for following my old blog.
    i'm blogging else now. come follow if you like.

    be well.

  2. *i'm blogging elsewhere now

    geez. proof read fail

  3. hey, feel better soon.
    I am so sorry about your cousin. I will pray that you find a job soon. with no food around :o)

  4. Together we can make new beginnings