Monday, October 25, 2010

well i think i better try water...

this is some of the nature i have been looking at lately...pretty fall colors..

i have had a day of being so swollen i could barely get my feet into my shoes..i dont know what happened..but the shoes wouldnt go on my feet today..i have had a really bad day with the legs being as swollen as they are...if i had known that my life would be like this...i just dont think i would have gained all that weight...i gained back some weight lately and now i cant get through areas i could before..this is something i have got to get off..i am feeling so bad again and my legs are becoming swollen like before..what has happened to me that i just lost it...i just fell apart like i didnt care anymore...

i have been getting so many people telling me that water really works for the legs..and i know it would..i just have this slight fear about water...i almost drowned as a kid and i just cant stand water anymore...i was even terrified when i got but i have decided i need to do the water..i need to jump in head first and do it..i need to for my poor legs..i know my legs would be so much better if i would be in water part of the time..i know it would help me lose the weight too..i just have to do it and not think about it..

if i hadnt had reg..pop i would have done okay with the watching..we went to cicis today but i had salad ..the only thing is i had a brownie and a cinnimon roll too plus pop...but i have made up my mind that if i go there again..i will only have can just buy the salad bar..and that is what i will do.. i came home and layed down and put my legs up but they are still swollen now i have switched rooms with my brother to lay down on a bed..and put them up all night..maybe that will help...i hope so..

i have to get back to the way i was going before..i was losing and doing so well and then all of a sudden it just stopped and i found myself gaining it back..i cant do this anymore..but i have not had anymore hate email ..and i really dont think this person is going to send me anymore..i think this person just snapped all of a sudden and then realized what she did...but i will always forgive ..its just my nature..

i will not have anyone tell me how to go about my life and if i am bothering this person with the way i look or the pictures i take then this person can look the other way..they dont have to see me or my pictures...but i do think i will check this water aerobics out...that would be good for me and my

well tomorrow is going to be a better day because i am gong to make it that way..
i am going to watch it better and try and walk outside..i have to do this again..
have a good night..


  1. Kelli, my mom took water arobics when she was in her early 70s; I was surprised because I had never seen Mom in water. She liked fishing but just sat in a chair on the bank then. In the water you use a styrofoam pool noodle and that holds you up and you also can stand near the edge in just waist deep water. Mom enjoyed it- she took it for her joint pain and she was a morbidly obese person.
    Have you ever tried sitting down with paper and pencil or the computer and planning out your meals and snacks daily? I do that often and it really keeps me on track; I also have a 'clean pantry.' It's easier for me since I live alone now but you could put tempting foods away. I know one woman who uses a plastic file cabinet for all her nonperishable foods- it's her 'sacred' system where she only has legal foods. Also, having a big pot of soup in the fridge helps me with hunger. I make chicken, beef, vegetable, chili and bean. I usually brown my meat, add lots of fresh or frozen vegetables and never add salt. I'd be happy to help you with directions any time too.

    It just breaks my heart to see you so unhappy and yes, hurting! You can lose the weight; you have proven that. Now go for it.

  2. Drinking lots of water helps too. It rids you of the salt that you might be taking in if you suffer from edema. Do you take medicine for this? It might not hurt to get it checked out. When you loose the weight and don't need it anymore, they can take you off it. But for now, it might be a good idea.

    I suffer from edema. My weight has recently gone up. My puffiness has recently gone up as well. I hadn't heard about the water aerobics being so beneficial for this, thanks for sharing that. I am so embarrassed about the shower stalls and the dressing rooms... ugh! But I think I would be even more embarrassed to be in a double-wide casket. So there you have it. The lessor of two evils.

    Keep your chin up; it burns calories.

    I am a new follower and I am cheering for you. I agree with the previous comment. If you have done it before, you can do it again. So can I for that matter. So can I...

  3. I have heard good things about water aerobics too! I know the pool that I swim at has a few different classes, deep water and shallow water classes.
    If you have a pool close with a baby area try that. The water is warmer in the baby pool. A lady I see at my pool just walks back and forth in the shallow end for about an hour. Sometimes she has arm weights or kicks her legs up a bit.
    She says it helps a ton.

    Just keep going!!!
    We're here cheering you on!! :)

  4. Kelli, like you I haven't been trying as hard as I should. Some times we just lose the way - and the motivation.

    I just wanted to remind you (and thank you too) that your positive attitude has spurred me on in the past. You can do this...but it is hard when body parts hurt. My legs become painful and swollen - I am being treated for phlebitis right now - and keeping them raised does help. So does walking, strangely. Lots of the puffiness goes down when I keep them moving, and I do find that drinking lots of water helps. When I forget to drink several large glasses of water a day I never feel lively or active. I hope you can get involved in some water-based activities. Most of all, I hope you can find your determination again. We have to love ourselves and treat ourselves well, don't we, and sometimes we forget.

    Tomorrow is a new day and a chance to start again.

    x x