Monday, December 13, 2010

i just did not believe it..!

me walking out in the cold..

wow..well you all knew i was going to weigh today..and i decided i needed too ..i wanted to see if i had lost anything and wow i was so i stepped on the scales thinking i would see a 4 pound loss if i was lucky..i never dreamed i would see an 8 pound loss in 6 days..can you believe it..8!

i was so excited all day..i just couldnt believe it..i now weigh 311 and it was so close to 310 that it kept going over there but it stayed on i said okay i can take

this has been a great day..we even went to the stockade you know the buffet line..well this is the day that seniors get in for 6.00 drink and all..and they have alot of soft food that my mom can eat..and she did..she had two plates of good food..i am really glad she could eat it..well i didnt eat nearly as much as my that is a first..

i got a plate of roasted chicken and carrots and had a bite of sweet potatoes and a roll..i am getting so good now at conqouring the buffet tables..i felt good about this.i even had some sugar free chocolate was good..i ate some fruit and didnt go away hungry or full..i wasnt sick and i didnt leave there feeling bad..i had a nice plate of food and left feeling good..i had won the battle..

i feel like i have so much more focus now than i did before..i really dont know what happened but i am sure glad it did..i came home and i hadnt walked yet and was wondering but didnt wonder long..i have to keep up with the walking ..i dont care how cold it is..i have to do i went out and walked in 29 degrees and did almost a mile..i am wanting to get to my 3 miles this week but tonight it was too cold to do more than a i did it and i feel good about it all..i am now going to do my 6 minutes with my shakeweight..i have been doing that this week too and it does oh my it burns..

i really want to get this off ..i am living everyday i might as well keep living healthy..the walking helps so much more than just burning the calories..i have noticed my legs going down in swelling now and now i will be able to get my legs to a normal look again..and i know i will feel so much better..i already week and i am feeling it..i am so ready to be healthy and thin..i so want to see myself thin..i dont remember myself thin..i know i weighed 150 in high school but even that is not the thinnest..but i plan on walking everyday and i will drink the water soon..i am going to do my walking during the day since it does get so cold at night now..but i enjoyed the felt good..

but i was and still am so excited..i hope you all are doing well with your journey..
enjoy the night..


  1. Walking is good - clears the mind, perhaps!
    And good on the buffet choices, too!
    Water is a good thing, too.
    Hope your week is going well!

  2. 8 pound loss is incredible! Congratulations.

  3. You know Kelli, you could drink tea as part of getting your waters in. Try some herbal tea or chai or green tea. Add a little Stevia if you have to. Good job on the walking and what a great loss!

  4. So good to see you back on track! 8 lbs in 6 days is tremendous!! :)