Wednesday, December 15, 2010

i made 3 and a half miles today..

well i am focused now..this is going to happen and i am going to make it happen..i went out and walked today and it was so nice ..45 degrees and i felt good outside..i decided i wanted to get my 3 miles in but i didnt have enough time to actually do it all at i walked 2 miles in 38 minutes and it felt good..i then went out again about 3 hours later and walked another mile and a half in 25 minutes..i couldnt believe it i had done 3 and a half miles today..i would like to get 3 miles all at one time and may do that by the end of the week..

i am feeling good about this and it seems pretty simple as long as i keep my mind on it..thats what i have to do..i have to have this time to do this for me...this is my health and what i have to do to get it better..its going to take some time but it will happen..

i did well on the calories and it just seems to be easy to do..i dont eat a whole lot but what i am eating now is apples and bananas..focus is the key ..consistency is the key and i am really trying to keep that in my head and i know exercise is the key as well..i have to be able to keep after it and i think i like that little engine that could ..remember that story..i think i can i think i

well i am going to get to sleep its late..
enjoy the journey


  1. YAY! Kelli is back! Tell yourself I CAN!

  2. Great job! Walking is so good for you and burns up those calories.

  3. Very proud of your new resolve!!! Keep up the good work...the walking will do wonders for you! :)