Wednesday, December 15, 2010

walking is a big key to success..

me and my brother keith at christmas time when i was a little girl..

well today is another good day..its been nice outside and i decided i cant let go of the walking.i dont want to stop it and then go back to the way i was ..where i just didnt care..i cant do that i went outside with my coat on and put my hat on and walked til i got too tired to do anything else..i ended up walking 2.25 miles before i had gotten too tired..then i decided i needed to rest and go again a little we went and did our errands and then came home a little later for my second go around..

i wanted to match what i had done this afternoon but i ended up doing a mile and a half was just so cold when i got out there the second time, that i couldnt do a whole 2.25..that will just have to wait ..i feel pretty good going out everyday and walking..its when i get done that i feel so pooped i cant stand but it will get me going..i really believe walking is the main key to this success..

i did well on my food too..i had 1300 calories today and actually thought i wasnt going to be doing well..well we had gone to taco bueno and i got 3 tacos but i love refried beans..i really should have looked at the calories before i ordered but i didnt and so i ate it anyway...well after i looked at it i then counted it up and i had 900 calories in this meal..i couldnt believe it..200 for each of the tacos and 300 for the refried oh my so i had eaten 1200 by that time..and was now at the amount i i did well tonight..nothing but a banana and some green feeling good now..i feel alive and i feel like i will do this..this is going to happen and i am going to do it now..

enjoy the journey along the way..

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  1. yep...and you know, now you know. youwill have little slips along the way, but then you learn and next time maybe leave off the cheese and refried beans and replace with salsa. keep up the good work kelli.