Saturday, September 11, 2010

i am making me strong...

i am at work right now and all day i have been sitting here looking at the candy bars..knowing i cant have any or i will be sick you know how hard it is to look at candy bars knowing that..? its a tough thing to go through..really i will be so glad when we close for the year..even though i dont have another job right now..and really arent there temptations everywhere..i mean at school we have vending machines and the student union food thats a tempting place to be..

so to be honest about this ..its all in my mind..if i can control my mind and keep telling myself i dont need this candy..then maybe i can get past it least thats what i am doing today..i am letting myself know i dont want to be sick again..i dont want the calories empty ones at that..there isnt any nutricious value to a candy bar..

i need some help drinking my water..for some reason i cant get back to the water..i am drinking diet coke which isnt going to let me lose anything..why is it that we cant lose weight on diet drinks..that just isnt fair..they take the good tastes away and then tell us it will help us lose and we end up gaining doesnt sound right to me..

we are so dead right now at the stand..we have a football game right now and were losing but it just started..and so everyone is at the game...but not here staring at candy bars and telling myself i feel stronger so the time we close for the year they wont even phase me...hehe

well i am gong to walk tonight when i get home..and try and get some water in..i have already had 1370 in calories...gonna be hard to not have anything else..

i guess we made it through this day..
enjoy the weekend..


  1. It is a day to day fight. Some days will feel easier than others. YOu are doing great kelli.
    Keep up the good work.

  2. You can still lose weight and drink diet soda. Water is much better for you, but a diet everyday or so won't hurt your weight loss. I haven't had a regular soda for probably 35 years. As for the candy, tell yourself it is always around- always has been. Have you had your blood sugar tested? Around here there are often free screenings for diabetes and cholesterol. You have lost a nice chunk of weight and I know you can lose more. You can do it!

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