Friday, September 10, 2010

well today i became stronger..

well i struggled and struggled today but i became stronger by the struggling i went through...i know that i dont have to have a candy bar..i dont have to be bored out of my mind and eat because its there..i found strength through my friends..relying on them to help me through the bad cravings..and even though i wasnt around them they were still helping me, because i knew that i had to be if i ate a candy bar i had to let them know it..and that would defeat the purpose for me ..i am trying so hard to become stronger with my cravings and getting past them..

my friend glen told me to go i least i tried too..i was at work and had been there all day..i wasnt supposed to be there past 6 but one of the girls didnt show up and so i had to do it..not my idea of a fun friday night but it is what it is..

i hadnt gotten anything to eat so i was hungry ..its not a good thing to be hungry and be around i was being tempted..but i ended up overcoming it...i was so happy that i did...i really struggled with it today..and i know tomorrow may be the same way..but it will be another day to be a little stronger..i tried to go out and walk tonight at work..i went out and started to walk then i got a customer then i went again and i got a customer..i tried the last time and finally got to walk for 10 minutes before i got another was least i got through the cravings and that was the important thing..

i ate 1300 calories right on the nose today but i didnt have any water..i didnt drink any reg.pop so that was getting back on the right track..its just taking me a few days..

lets enjoy the weekend and pray for safety for tomorrow..


  1. Hello Kelli! I stumbled across your blog link while visiting All The Weigh. :) You've done SO wonderfully! I have 140 pounds to lose and you are such an inspiration to me. Keep up the great work! :)

  2. Good for you, Kelli!!! I'm very proud of you for resisting the candy bars and getting in some walking. Keep it up!!!

  3. ANY exercise is better than none!!

  4. It is just a and downs but the journey continues. There is nothing in those candy bars that will enhance your life so dismiss them...keep your eyes on the prize...a healthy life. Nothing better than that! Blessings, Dianntha