Friday, September 3, 2010

well its been 6 months and im doing pretty good..

the beautiful lake i want to walk soon..

well i was just thinking as i was walking my mile and half tonight...i have actually been blogging for 6 6 months i have done pretty good..i have went from weighing 330 to weighing 296..and i have went from not being able to walk except by a cane and barely able to walk around the block to walking 2 and a half miles at a time..i have gone completely off the pop ..and thats a major thing for i tell ya getting off of dr.pepper is so much a victory..

i have gone from not drinking any water to drinking 72 ounces of least most days..hehe..but i am doing so much better..this is such a big thing for me..i still havent kicked the fast food..but im working on it..i have learned and realized that its up to me to make good choices..its my choice everyday ..i can make good choices or bad choices..i can be healthy or i can die early..i have learned so much in 6 months..i have figured it out that i am responsible for me..for my actions and my decisions in life whether its about the things i eat and the exercise i get or if its about what i do in life..its up to me..good or bad..i go thru it ...

i have so much more to lose and so much more to learn..i just keep going until i cant go anymore..this is a lifestyle change..not a diet..its a mentality thing..its all in how much we want to change..if we want it bad enough..we will do our best to change..its all about our choices..

i think the most important thing i have learned is its about my choice..i make the choice to change my life ..i make the choice to do better..if i dont well then thats my choice too..but now i am going towards the next 6 months and i know i will be learning a whole lot more..right now i am going for my goal of 290 by the end of this month..i know i will get there..because its my choice to do better..and i am ..

this has been a fun day..we had our 4th of july fireworks tonight and they were pretty..we enjoyed them...i got in 1300 calories and i walked after the fireworks and did a mile and a half in 30 i am pretty much on track for doing 3 miles an hour..i want to walk boomer lake so bad..but i want to be able to walk the whole 3 miles so i have to get better...

i still made the bad choice of not drinking my i didnt drink very much diet pop but i did drink some...i had a bite of a snocone today and it started my eyes and head again..just a bite..i couldnt believe it...i am going to the doctor as soon as i can and be checked for diabetes..

well its getting late so i am getting off..have a good night and good weekend..
enjoy the weekend and be safe..


  1. I can't imagine how great it feels to get around and walk regularly after being confined to walking with a cane. Amazing.

    It sounds like you are grasping with the inner changes that need to occur. I know the physical symptoms will show for your hard work!!!

  2. You have come quite far. Congratulations!
    Keep it up and imagine what accomplishments your post will tell of in another 6 months.

    Keep going!