Thursday, September 2, 2010

i had a good day of good choices..

you can sure see the difference 60 pounds my appearance and my smile..

well today i went to work this afternoon..after i had been up several hours already..but i had not eaten very much today and so when i went to work i did buy 2 tacos from taco bueno and thought okay this will allow me to not look at the candy..

okay so i didnt crave the candy..i really didnt want to feel like i did last night..i wanted to feel good ..not like i was going blind..well tonight i did have a single dip of sherbert..web md said that diabetics can have sherbert..but i dont know..i ate it and now i feel like i did last eyes are going dim..and they hurt..

i wasnt able to walk tonight just simply because of the rain and the fact i wasnt here most of the tomorrow i will walk and make sure i get all my water in..i have had a good day..i was so pleased to find myself not craving the sugar..being as strong as i was about it all and not getting into it..maybe i can whip this craving for sugar and chocolate soon..

i feel so small even though i know i have along way to go..but i am really feeling it now..i am under 300 and going down even clothes are getting big on me and it feels so good to be in big clothes now..cause when i bought them they were just right..hehe..but i know i will get to my goal of will take me some time..but everything worth it does...

i am starting to see changes in my face and thats a neat thing..i cant wait to see what i will look like around christmas...that will be nice..

my choices today were better..i ate 1320 calories
i didnt walk but will tomorrow..
i didnt drink all my water but i will tomorrow..
i didnt eat any candy bars..yay for me..

my mood is good and positive..yea for me
i think the positive moods really help with how we make the choices in our matter what choice we are making..if its something positive then its going to be a good choice..

so lets make tomorrow a good day for us all..
make good choices and stay positive..


  1. Kelli, doesn't your mom or sister have a blood sugar meter you could use to check your blood sugar? It sounds like you might me running high even without the sherbert. Or could you go to a clinic or Drs. office to get it checked? I'm worried about you. Your eyesight should not be going dim!! You have to get this taken care of.

    Good job on the eating yesterday.

  2. All the choices you make make a big difference AND I know how frustrating it is to know the journey is long, but look how amazing you are doing not just in the weight loss but in your self! And please check with the doctor cause you make have to adjust your diabetes medication. Lots of love