Saturday, September 4, 2010

well i made my choice today..

me and my mamma at cici's...and my cousins with their mamma..
brittany makes the jewelry..its very pretty..i will tell you all about it soon..

today was a day where we went and had different choices to make considering food..we started the day getting up late ..but its saturday so i guess its okay..well this is the day we were going to have hot dogs and popcorn and cotton candy at work..we had regular pop and all we were trying to do was get the snocone stand started like a re-grand opening...anyway i didnt have to work this whole weekend which isnt what i wanted but it was nice anyway..well we went to see the whole thing at the stand and get a hot dog..i wasnt going to get the pop..i think as a pop addict..i really need to keep myself completely away from pop..its too addictive and i cant afford the calories..

well i had 2 cans of pop..not something i needed to do but i did it anyway..i ended up with a hot cotton candy that was good..but we then went to cici's pizza so we had pizza and brownies and i had salad..and i had regular pop..i had so many calories tonight i didnt even want to count was my choice..i didnt have to eat the food..i didnt have to drink the pop..i didnt have to eat the hot dog..

i ate so much today i made myself sick..not good..really not good..but i am not going to do this tomorrow..i am not going to drink the pop tomorrow..i will not eat like a pig tomorrow..i really did too..i didnt eat tons..but i felt like it..

anyway i am going to walk tomorrow and drink my water tomorrow..i will do so much better tomorrow..i will not fall off tomorrow..and i didnt fall off tonight..i made the choice to do it..i knew what i was doing..i made my choice..thats it and now i am living with it..

i was going to walk tonight but it just got too late and too dark when we came i will make myself walk tomorrow..

have a great day tomorrow and make good choices..i am going too..
enjoy the weekend..


  1. You know, you get one more "today" in your lifetime than you'll ever get "tomorrows". That's because more stuff needs to get done TODAY. You rely too much on tomorrow being there, and someday it won't come. Come on Kelly! You KNOW what a hotdog tastes like. You know what pop tastes like. Leave it alone. No new taste sensations there! You know what every candy bar tastes like. Free yourself from the obstacles. You have so much more to look forward to in life. Start living TODAY! Pop yourself a 100 calorie bag of popcorn to carry with you, keep some Crystal Light individual packets in your purse to add to water when others are having something (pop). For the chocolate craving, maybe try the Slim Fast bars...they have one that's snack size, not the entree replacement; it's nutty with caramel and chocolate, loaded with fiber. A snack bag of celery and carrots need not be refridgerated. Give yourself an arsenal of alternative choices BEFORE you're confronted with things you know you're better off!. We all have our days where we make less than progressive choices...that was YESTERDAY. It's over. Live today well, and prepare for a tomorrow that will put today to shame.

  2. Hi Kelli. Just found your blog. I love what you say in your profile about needing to believe that you can do it. I totally agree and that has been the case for me and my hubs. In fact, I named my blog that "Believing it's possible is half the battle". I hope that you believe you can do it! God bless!!


  3. Hey there Kelli,
    I found your blog thru Seans, I have been going through alot of the same things you have and I have to say I donr feel half as alone as I did before since I started blogging and reading others stories... We have alot of the same problems, it is hard to resist the temptations and it hard to keep on trac, but we can do it, not necessarily overnight but through time we will beat this addiction.....If there are any tips or tricks I come across on my journey I will def let you know, although I have to say I am just starting and I wish you all the best in your journey as well!! :)