Monday, September 6, 2010

the weekend is over..

this is my cousin brittany and she makes all this jewelry..she is really good..

labor day is over now..were into september and hopefully cooler weather..i really cant wait..i love the fall and all the fall colors ..i enjoy walking in the is so much nicer outside..i have chosen to just not watch anything today..for some reason..i really dont know why but i did..

im not sure what is going on that i am not watching things clearly right now..but i am thinking about it and trying to figure it out for myself..i have been on my sisters computer all day trying to fix it and get it from freezing all the time..i didnt go walk tonight..i just dont know why..i want to do this but for some reason this weekend i just havent put my effort into it..

on saturday i went to see my cousins jewelry and she is making some new kind of jewelry which is really cool..its called the calorie counting bracelet and you wear it on your wrist and it has a charm that you can pick out..and you move it for every 50 to 100 calories move it up from the heart in the middle..i have one and it does really help you focus on your calories..i was using it the other day and just kept moving it didnt like that but i was eating that much..
this is the link to it if you would like to look at it and maybe order some..they are very pretty and they would make really nice gifts for girls and, and
both very nice know Christmas is coming up.. she is a very talented young lady even if she is my cousin..hehe
but go check her out..

i will do better this week..i know i cant keep thinking everything is going to be okay tomorrow unless i do something tomorrow which is today..and for some reason i just didnt have it in me to do it today..i hope i will feel better when i awake..

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  1. xo xo
    and it is a new day here.
    Your churchill quote definitely applies to me this morning...and I hope you as well.