Wednesday, September 1, 2010

the choices we make..

where sean and i grew up..mickey d's....still standing..

i know the choice i make is what i am going to have to live with..i didnt make very good choices today..i was bored at work and the candy bars were sitting in front of me..okay i made the wrong choice..boy did i make the wrong choice..i ate a snickers bar,something i thought would fill me up since i hadnt eatin much today..

so i ate it and i ate other things that were not good too..but the snickers bar made me very sick..i got dizzy and my eyes went blurry and i got sick in the stomach as well..i really think all of a sudden my blood sugar went up because of the now i am going cold turkey off of the chocolate and sugar..i have too..i am so afraid i have full blown diabetes now and its scary to think eyes stayed blurry for a long time and i felt sick for a while...after i ate some actual food ..then my stomach was okay..but my eyes were still bad..

i havent walked tonight either..we were having some bad looking storms and with the way i was feeling i didnt want to go out and walk..

last night i did well..i drank my water and i walked and did a whole mile and a half..i was doing so well and then today for some reason i just got bored, i was at work and we just wasnt busy at the time and the candy bars seemed to be calling my name all day..i am going to have to really ignore that calling..

i am going to do well tomorrow ..i am going to make sure i get my water in and i do my walking and i am going to ignore the candy bars..maybe i will put them somewhere that i cant see right then..that might help..
but i will do better i will make sure i dont eat my 1300 calories in candy bars like i did today..i really didnt do well but i will do better tomorrow ..because tomorrow is another day to do great things and i am going too..

enjoy the night and lets make good choices tomorrow..


  1. Hey kelli, another day, another dollar. I had a crap day on the eating front. as always it's my workout that saved me. I have got to ditch the french bread I've been eating. Even those of us who have been doing this awhile have off or down days. Just get back up tomorrow and keep going. Big hugs.

  2. i'm sure u can balance everything out tomorrow :)

  3. Kelli, you'd better get that diabetes checked out, that's nothing to fool around with. Seriously, you could go blind or lose a leg or something. You've got to see your Dr. very soon, like right now! Your blood sugar must have gone really high to have blurry eyes especially for that long. Cutting the sugar, chocolate, and white starches should help a lot.

    Have a healthier day today!

  4. I agree with JoAnn. Please, please get checked out by a Dr! One, even two Snickers bars should *not* affect anyone like that. This will effect you even if you're eating healthy and exercising. We want you healthy and safe!

    Tomorrow is another day open to good choices, but you don't have to wait until tomorrow. Commit yourself to making your very next choice a healthy one. No matter how bad the rest of the day has been, you can end it on a positive note. Get started now! :)

    Progress, not perfection as I was told once. Hang in there. :)

  5. Hey kelli - just to reassure you - if you had full blown diabetes you'd have a raging thirst that you couldn't satisfy and you'd be going to the toilet and passing so much water...almost constantly. You'd also be so weak that you flop.

    Sugars are obviously affecting you do get your Dr to check it out.

    As for giving in to food temptation - it happens. If I make a bad choice I try to ensure that choices that follow it are more sensible. "I like the 'progress not perfection' quote from Heather, above. You have made fantastic progress.