Tuesday, September 7, 2010

well its day to day..

me in my cool hat..hehe

well today has been a day where i just had to take it one step at a time..i guess we have to do it that way every day..but i got up and weighed early this morning and i wasnt too surprised..but i wasnt liking it either..it wasnt what i wanted to see..i had gained 3 pounds back and i wasnt liking this..

i decided i had to get my focus back..i had to do something..i cant keep this up or i will be gaining all my weight back..i dont want that..so i decided if i couldnt walk tonight because it was supposed to rain but it didnt..so i said to myself..i have to workout..i have to walk or workout..one or the other..i had to get moving..i had too..i dont want to die early..i dont want to feel so overly fat that i cant move..or feel so awful that i end up with shortness of breath and not being able to walk..i dont want too...i really dont..

so i started out good..i started out focused and counting every calorie that i put in my mouth..i didnt drink my water though..for some reason i cant get started drinking it again..but i counted and did pretty good..i had around 1350 in calories..i was so happy..i did better than the last few days..

but i went to work today and had my grilled chicken go wraps..and then tonight the snickers bars kept calling my name..boy i wish my uncle hadnt put those candy bars over at my stand..they call my name every day..but i looked the other way and ate a piece of beef jerky instead..it was good..i decided i needed to go walk..so i went out and walked around the stand..a little boy kept watching me walk and looking at me like i was crazy..i was walking around in circles..but i didnt care..i felt good walking tonight..i did 20 minutes without stopping..whoohoo..it was fun..

so today i did better and i will continue to do better day by day..i have to take it one day at a time..thats all i have..so onto tomorrow and another better day..
lets all focus on the good stuff..


  1. good job. each day is it's own. Don't quit don't over think just move forward. Good job.

  2. This is a little hiccup. You can do it. Just take one day at a time and if need be one hour. Martine x

  3. Yep...we have to take it one day at a time. You're so right. Keep it up...I will too. ::hugs::

  4. Good for you on getting right back on track girl...and I love the hat! :)

  5. One day at a time is more than enough. I get so ahead of myself thinking about a whole week, month, etc...that becomes overwhelming.

    It's a battle and a hard one, but you can do it!! Good luck :)

  6. I was thinking Kelli, having a fitness goal always helps me. You mentioned wanting to walk around that lake someday. Why don't you make that your goal?

    Find out how far around it is and set a date to walk it (maybe with a friend). Then keep adding distance each week so that you're training for the goal. Telling a few people about your goal should help too. Maybe enlist Sean to help you?

    My goal is to run a real 5k race in under 30 minutes. Right now I can do it in 48 min. :( I haven't set a date yet since it gets so cold here.

  7. It really is, Day by day and moment to moment.

    Have you heard about doctors and nutritionists telling people to only weigh yourself monthly or weekly AND measure yourself?

    Notice how scales are like clocks? You weigh different on each one? That is why we had to have ours calibrated by law since we were at a Cancer Clinic where weight issues are critical.
    The oncologist docs and nutritionists I worked with, told me that weighing …everyday…. only added more stress mentally. People gain and loose daily due to all kinds of reason’s on a daily basis.
    If you waited to weigh yourself and also measure yourself, you will not be thinking about the 3-5 pounds you gained after you lost 3-5 the day before. You will be eager to know after the week or two is up, especially since you concentrated more on making the healthy changes. Even if you gained but, yet you feel better. It might be that you gained muscle, which is heavier, but, you toned up. That is why the nutritionist and doctors wanted me to measure myself along with weighing.
    I needed to learn, because of my disabilities on all the ways I could stick to a healthy lifestyle change. I had my vitamin levels checked and found out I was severely deficient in Vit. D and B’s. So, I had to take injections, and a prescription for huge amounts of D. But, after doing so, I noticed a difference, especially in the texture and condition of my skin, nails, hair plus my energy.
    So, like you have learned what limits you have and what could cause you a set back such as your legs…I too had to learn mine and fix what I could that was sabatoging my success. They say there are so many people that are unknowingly deficient in Vitamin D. Everyone should get it checked. Just the same as people having Diabetes and not knowing it, people are suffering from huge deficiencies in Vitamin D. If you are Diabetic, chances are even higher that you are deficient.
    Today, If I eat more then 1000 calories in a day, I will gain weight, so I have to keep it down to about 6 to 800. Yes…it is very, very hard to do.
    I have to keep going, moment to moment.
    I found A FABULOUS protein snack meal bar made by Special K. They are better then ANY candy bar, especially if you like crunch. If you love Snickers as much as I do, you will LOVE these. They have different flavors, Double chocolate, to strawberry, which is my favorite and only has 170 calories. They TASTE like a sinful candy bar and not like those protein bars that are not as enjoyable as a Snickers and cost and fortune!
    I have to make sure I get the "Protein MEAL Bar" and not the "Protein SNACK bar". I would be happy to send you a couple if you want me too. I got my first bar as a free sample from one of the free sample sites I visit all the time.
    The least expensive place to find them other then Amazon is Walmart. Here it is about $5 a box for 8 good sized bars. It might be cheaper in your area.
    Give it a try... weigh yourself less, also measure yourself. Switch it up and see if it helps you out. It did me and a friend I was working out with.If you see a difference in your measurements, even though the scale might be saying bad things, the measuring tape will be giving you good news and you can stay motivated to know you are succeeding, day to day, moment to moment instead of worrying about what the scale says everyday.
    But, you have the faith, hope and motivation to stay the course, plus the prayers of those that love and support you.
    I have no doubt you will succeed taking it slow, day by day, moment by moment. I know about those moments when I want to stray....baaaad! It is hard! But, you got it girl and we know you will overcome any obstacles.
    You posted my favorite picture of you. I am a sucker for black and white photos.
    Sorry, another long rant by Michele!