Tuesday, August 31, 2010

the right focus really pays off..

me and sean the other day..
the other pictures were me and courtney at christmas time in 2008..then me and sean at my pretend 40th brithday party 2 years ago..
60 pounds can really make a difference...

yesterday was a good day..i focused right and i did what i said i was going to do..i ate enough calories that i wasnt hungry and i got in 1300..i drank enough water that i wasnt floating but i wasnt dying of thirst...hehe ..i drank my 64 ounces of water and liked it..i also walked and felt good about it..i walked my mile and a half and now i am feeling the muscles i had before..
its a good thing i walked and am now getting used to it again..cause today i had to go to osu to pay some of my bursar account and i must of walked a half a mile just trying to find my way to the student union with all the construction going on..im trying to get back to school..but right now i am going through a setback of paying my account and when its paid then i can re enroll..that will be nice..i cant wait to be a graduate with my bachelors degree..

but until then i will be putting my focus on myself..getting me healthier..and it will pay off..i went and weighed this morning on my own scales which i did just for fun to see if i could still weigh on them..and it was so exciting..i saw 296..i couldnt believe it..and really i may weigh less than that because i am going through my womanly thing..i really didnt think it would even weigh me...so you can see how excited i was when it did..

but its because i am focusing now..on the right things..i am putting my focus on walking and drinking my water and getting the calories down me..just enough to be okay..i am not overeating and i am not drinking pop..diet or otherwise..and i am not eating the candy bars..i have those candy bars whipped...thats a victory in itself..hehe

but today i am doing it all over again..
i am walking tonight when i get home
i am drinking my water 64 ounces..
i am staying at 1300 calories..no more no less..
i am doing this for me..for my health ..
for me to be here another 20 or 30 years as long as God allows me too..
along with Gods help we are doing this..we are getting our health in order and we must rely on God for the strength to keep doing it..we must or we wont get very far..

i am working all day today and when i get home i know i will be tired..but i am still going to walk..i have to and so i will..
lets do it today..lets live for today and trust God in all we do..we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us...

lets make a focused day..


  1. Good for you! Think posotive! You look so amazing and be so proud of your self!

  2. Well done for making such good choices! 1300 calories a day works for me too! :o)