Saturday, July 24, 2010

a better day!

here is a better picture of the foutain..

i hope you can see the picture..its the water fountain and the ducks..and then me tonight..i didnt look very good..i was too tired to care tonight..hehe

i am writing pretty late tonight ..this is for friday the 23rd..i worked all day and then visited with my friend and then took pictures of some ducks over at the campus pond and then watched the western with my now i am writing..i wasnt going too..i was just going to go to bed and write tomorrow night..but i thought no i will post something short..

i changed my attitude this morning..i got up and told myself get in a better mood..whatever your problem is its not going to be fixed by not doing the right things for yourself..its not going to work by being in such a bad just i put a smile on and faced the day..i did pretty good today ..i ate around 1500 calories by the time i came home from the day..i wanted to stay around 1300 but i ended up with 15 maybe 1600 calories..not bad considering last night..i also drank 6 glasses of water ..i drank the water all day..i had to focus on it but i did it..i ate the ice at the snocone stand and didnt have hardly any snocones..i had made one kiddie one with a taste of the syrup but i wouldnt say it was anymore than 50 calories if that...

i didnt walk tonight i will try and do that tomorrow..i did have to walk some to get to the was down the street a ways..i had to park and then maybe i did get some walking in..but today has been a lot better today..thank you all for the advice and the comments..i talked to my banker too and he is going to work with me on maybe my finances will get better..but i am going to keep going with the water and the calories and walk til i drop..i will get this weight off if it kills me..hehe and it just might..hehe...i really think the mood does make a difference..i am not perfect and this is not an easy thing to do to lose weight..but i made progress today and that is what counts..i had a smile on my face while i was going thru the problems are the same but i am handling them with a smile instead of stressing out and eating everything in sight.i did good and tomorrow i will do even better..

i better get to bed..tomorrow is another work day..
have a good weekend..
loveyou all

this is the video i took of the ducks..


  1. I'm glad that you were able to redeem yourself after yesterday... It's one of the difficult things when u start to feel guilty or bad after eating too much in a day... Some tend to just give up all of a sudden and i'm glad you're back to fight for your goal. :)

  2. Great attitude, Kelli. This is not easy, and some days are better than others. But when we look at how far we've already come, it's easier to forge ahead. One day at a time.

  3. You are so lovely!
    I'm glad you are hanging in there and not just giving up.
    It's fun to blog about our successes and have everyone congratulate us when we're doing well.
    It takes a tremendous amount of courage to post when we are doing NOT so great. Thanks for writing about your difficulties. We all have them - and isn't it great to know that there are people you've never met who care so much about you?
    We are all the same in this struggle, so when I read someone's comment to you encouraging you to keep going and telling you that you can do this, it's like they are speaking to me too.

    Have another good day!

  4. Hey Kell. I am glad you had a better day.
    Keep up the good work. Hang in there.
    I am glad the banker will work with you on the bills.
    The fountain is beautiful.

  5. I love you sis. I'm happy you chose the better's really the best choice. Nothing positive in the alternative.

    Hope to see you real soon!

    Give my mom a hug and tell her I love her,

  6. You keep going girl! Our thoughts and prayers are with you during the good times and the bad.

  7. That's fantastic to hear Kelli, and glad you made it through the day looking at things from a different perspective. AND any activity counts in my books, albiet a short walk, is better than no walk!!!