Saturday, July 10, 2010

wow im going wild with my walking! whoohoo

these are pics from the movie and susies birthday..the one im in is me sweatin after i got thru walking tonight..whoohoo! what a fun day!

okay i know this is a night owl if you dont already know this..this is for friday the 9th..i want to say thank you first to all of you for the comments ..i appreciate all of them..i have been really feeling down lately because of my finances, but i figured out, i cant let the finances take control of this situation..i have to separate life is different than my control over my eating and my has to be..what happens in my life is going to happen regardless of whether i am small or i need to let go of that line and keep going with this one..i am going to do better at my water and my calories from now on..i am doing well with my walking and that amazes me..i didnt do too well until tonight..i was just too depressed to walk lately..but tonight i thought well would you rather be a heavy depressed person who wont be here too long..or a healthy depressed person who might have a longer lifespan to be depressed ..hehe so i chose the later..and iam glad i maybe i will be a healthy person who will get out of this slump im in financially one day..and be able to live to see it..

today was seans moms 65th sister likes cake and she likes to we did..all of us ended up back at cici's tonight for her birthday..i gave her some sunglasses i thought she would like and we had already gotten all our stuff, but she got some roses from us too..but i know she and i didnt do well with the calories tonight..i have done okay lately by not going past 1500 except yesterday..i was 1600..but tonight i know for sure i didnt do sean probably did..well probably isnt the right word..i know he did well..but tomorrow i will do better and better..we ate alot more than our calories..i know that..

but tonight after i came home from eating all that.i went out and walked after dark..its so quiet around here..and i cant walk til the sun goes down..its just tooo hot..but i walked for 47 minutes and did 2.30 miles tonight..farthest i have walked yet..when i came in i was sweatin..boy was i sweatin..then we sat down to glen ford and 310 to yuma..what a great dad looked alot like glen ford..he really did..well im tired now and need some all have a great going to do 2 and a half miles tomorrow night..i wanna be 3 miles next week..gonna do it..!
loveyou all
feelin the pain..

these were of the birthday party..whoohoo!


  1. Thanks for sharing all of the smiling faces! I especially love the pink sunglasses.

    You are making the right choice - to be someone who is working toward a healthier and longer life - much more significant than finances.

    Have a great weekend.

  2. LOL you just went to bed and I just got up! I'm a morning person and like to get up early ad begin my day. Mom always said I was the first one up and out the house, even as a teen. Anyhow great on the walking! I have a pool so walked in it the last few days. You'd think I would use it more but like everything, it gets old- I've been here 13 years. Let's vow to continue the walking and good moods heehee.

  3. Kelli - it's great to have Sean for inspiration, but don't compare yourself to him. (as in when you talked about going over calories a bit) First, he's a man and therefore loses weight at a different pace and has different emotional issues than a woman. He's an amazing, inspirational man, but this is YOUR journey. You don't have to be perfect...just keep at it. Way to walk!! I am so rooting for you!

  4. 2.3 miles! That is are totally getting better and better!

  5. Great job with the walking!

    "Just say no" to cake. Your friends and family will learn to respect that you are trying to lose weight and will stop offering it to you. But it will take a few times of saying "No, thank you."

  6. Dawne is so right Kelli---We're on different journeys Kelli--effected, and we're affected by different life experiences and emotions. The simple gender difference is big too, you know that...But---you need to remember something: You're doing fantastic. Did you go over? Yes. Is it the end of the world? NO!
    You're learning about yourself Kelli---this journey is all about self-discovery---and you're growing tremendously---You're in tune with the self-honesty portion (the most important--btw)and you're walking all the time. Kelli---You're doing fantastic---Keep living, keep learning, keep sight of your goals and dreams---and realize, that this time is different from any other weight loss attempt you've ever had. This time will be the last time. I believe in you, you believe in you---and you're going to make it! I'm so proud of you---and very happy that you'll be around to enjoy life, God willing, for many years to come. We have some living to do!

    Love you sis,

  7. Sean really said it all. It is SUCH a personal journey, and we struggle with different things. You are doing so well with the exercise too! Way to go.

    Make tomorrow a wonderful day, and go from there!

    With love,


  8. You are doing great Kelli!!! The first step is realizing you went over. And being more cautious the next time. You are also doing great with your walking. Kudos to you for going for a walk after a day out!!! Keep up the good work!!!