Wednesday, July 28, 2010

candy isnt such a temptation now..

i like this pillow ..but it really didnt do a thing for me..hehe and this candy bar is 10 pounds of chocolate..i think its like 75.00 or what a huge candy bar..

well today was a good day...and still not in bed yet so its still today..hehe im tired has been a busy day for me..had to go this afternoon and get my car checked with the tires and it turns out i had to get a new tire and that was some money i didnt have..but it was turning into a safety issue so it had to be done..but i got up and ate my fiber plus bars..i really like them and i think they do help..but i had started to pour something other than water to drink and i thought stop you have to have to have your water today i went and filled up my water bottle and drank water all day long..i have now consumed 66 ounces of water would have been 72 but i filled it up before i had drank it all the first it was 66..but thats good enough for today..

i was sincerely focusing on everything water and calories and walking and guess what..i got in all in..go me! ya! i had to really focus on food tonight because i hadnt had enough calories today and had to eat more..dont ya love it when you have to force yourself to eat more calories to get it all in..hehe!! but i did some walking tonight late tonight..its just too muggy right now even late..but i did a mile and had to force that pain in my knees have come back at me and now i am going to have to go get the injections by next week..or i will be in alot of pain..

i had a pretty good day..we are going to have to clean in the morning..not a word i actually like but we all have to do it..hehe ive noticed how the candy isnt tempting me anymore.while i was waiting on my car to be fixed..i was standing right next to this candy rack..chips and chocolate and candy of all kinds..and i was kinda hungry to boot..but it didnt bother me like it would have 6 months ago..a few months ago i would have bought something just because i was waiting on the car..but not today..even going to walmart and lately i have been going more than usual..i find myself looking but not enthused like i used to be about all the candy...

i know when i went to walmart the other night with my friend glen..we were looking at the cakes and doughnuts and brownies and anything chocolate..and i acted goofy with it but i didnt want it..really surprised at that too..but now i can go through walmart and not pick up a donut to eat while i am shopping..yes i used to do that..i would keep the wrapper and just tell them what it was..but look at the calories i consumed and didnt realize it just because it was there..not because i was hungry and needed to eat but because it was something sweet and i thought i needed it..

i am so glad i DONT..i have changed so much of my thinking about food and what to drink ..i dont even think about pop..and tonight i had 0 snocones..i think i was just bored and getting myself off track with the i dont even crave it..
i sure feel better drinking water..and i mean pure water..well i guess i better get to bed if i am going to get up and clean..hehe hey kenlie have a very safe trip and i will see you praying for a safe one..

loveyou all
enjoy your journey..


  1. I missed your water-drinking pics! Hehe!
    I'm glad you had a better day today!!! I envy youuuu! I've been eating too much the past few days and I miss the days wherein i'm forcing myself to fill in the calories to reach the limit. I'm happy for you! Keep it up!!!

  2. so glad to read about your good day.
    for me it was the cookies Id buy at the mall (mrs fields. are they even still there?!) to eat while I wandered and then the cookies Id buy on the way OUT to bring home...


  3. Oh my, Kelli. It won't be long before you're a mere shadow of yourself! You are doing GREAT!!!

  4. Glad you had a good day!! At the height of my weight (290 lbs)...I used to by a king size candy bar at the check out and then head to Arby's to get a huge meal for lunch....all because I went to the grocery store. Now it seems so excessive that I used to do that. I was consuming more calories in on spot than I need in a day. wonder why I was so overweight.

    Anyhow...just wanted to say hi and good luck on your weight loss journey.

  5. Kelli, Congrat's on getting through Wal-Mart without all that temptation. I still avoid Wal-Mart due to that. Also I have a question I also have a lot of problems with my knees and have trouble walking due to them, what type of injections do you get in them and does a ortho doctor adminster them?