Saturday, July 3, 2010

a rained out day..

well today is saturday and it looks like a flood just keeps raining and raining and i wanted to go walk..iam hoping i get to tonight ..i really like my walking feels so good to just go and walk and for me its helps me get over my headaches sometimes and builds muscle at the same time..i like to think about things when i am out walking.i used to listen to my ipod but i dont do that much now ..i just walk..i focus more on the speed and the time now...and whether i am getting in a good workout..i walked 1.6 miles last night and it took me 33 minutes so i am getting faster and next week i will be walking 2 miles and then 3 miles all at one time..i am working up to it..

we are going to the stockade this evening and celebrate all the summer birthdays while we are all here...this is going to be fun..lots of pictures and challenging myself again to stay under control..i can do this..i will do this..i will keep at this for the rest of my life..this is my life now..this is me..this is how i am going to be the rest of my days..this is control..iam worth all the walking and control over food..iam worth everyday i do this...iam worth it because iam..

i have noticed this week my sister and i both have been eating out of emotions.we are both nervous eaters and it is one thing i am trying to really focus on..iam watching everything i put in my mouth now but i know when i get stressed out i nibble more..even if i started out doing well..i sometimes end up with more calories than i need..i need to really focus on the fact that food does nothing for my only makes things puts pounds on my hips that i dont need and makes me feel bad about doesnt tastes that good..hehe

tomorrow we are supposed to be going to see the fireworks..i hope we dont get rained out ..i love watching the fireworks at the lake.. my momma is sleeping already ..she sleeps alot and i guess when you get to be 83 you are going to sleep more than usual..i hope we get to have her around long enough to see me get all this weight off..i really wish i had done this sooner, but now iam doing it and that is what matters..ijust remember how she was always wanting me to lose this weight when i was a kid..she didnt want me to become heavy like she had would have been nice if i had never started drinking pop..that is where all the weight started..pop does no one any good..whatsoever..does not help ..only hurts..a few years ago even a few months ago, you would never catch me without pop..without dr.pepper..had to have it..thought i would die if i didnt ..can you imagine thinking you only live for the pop you drink..? i was like so glad my mind changed around..i know GOD helped me here..i know He did..i cant do this on my own..

well i will post later tonight or tomorrow and tellya how i did at the stockade..have a great weekend..stay safe and dry..loveyou all
still feeling good..

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  1. good on noticing what makes you nibble. and awesome walk time Kell. That's how i did it, I worked my way are doing awesome.