Sunday, July 18, 2010

whew im tired..this was a long day of the unexpected..

here iam today..i am drinking my water in one and the other was so cool..i just wanted to post it...hehe

well ive been working at the stand all weekend like i normally do every day..but today has been of our girls quit and the other one was out with an that left my uncle and me..we did it though..we held down the fort..he was at number 1 and i was at number 2..of course i closed up and went over and helped him so he could go get something to today i have been working from 2 til 1130 tonight..and boy am i tired..but i have noticed since i have lost 60 pounds ..i can reach higher and move better..this is a stand that i usually dont like to work at..just because i cant reach anything and its always so busy that it wears me out..but tonight even after i had worked all day...i was okay..i wasnt in pain or not able to bend..i could move and reach for things on the top shelf..that i couldnt do a few years ago..i was so glad to notice made me feel good to know that what i am doing is truly affecting me in a very positive way...i knew it but its nice to see it..

i have been drinking my water all day now and have had 6 glasses..i have to get 8 in from now seems to be a hard thing when i am reading..see i am not focusing on it..iam focusing on my bible..but i will just have to keep remembering it and get it down.i still havent walked yet..i am going to have to get back to it..i need to find a way to walk even in the hot is so hot here ..that it fogs up my glasses just going outside..i was doing well tonight on my eating..i have got to do better more cheeseburgers..i have to get away from the red just isnt good for me..i need the salads..well i am hoping i have the day off tomorrow..i am supposed too..we'll see...i will try and walk some tomorrow..i need to get back with it before i end up going back to the start..oh i do not want to do that..

well its iam going off to bed..i dont think i will have a problem going to sleep tonight..goodnight all..
have a wonderful sunday..


  1. glad your eating has shifted and congrats on making it through all that relatively pain free.
    big victory kell.
    Have a great night.

  2. Good news, Kelli. I have decided to try a very healthy approach to dieting and am concentrating on the food groups. I need more fruits so off to a local produce stand I go in a few hours. I have always liked veggies so no problem there. I also am going to keep track of my exercising and walks time-wise. Do you wear a pedometer? I keep losing them since they don't stay on!!

  3. Have you thought about a walking in place DVD that you can do inside since it is so hot out. I have a 3 mile walk DVD and doing inside with the AC on is still a workout, you will be sweating and all that good stuff by the end of it but not have to deal with the heat. You may check it out-I bought it at Wal-Mart for around $15.

  4. I'm enjoying reading about people on the same path after seeing Sean on AOL. It's a long road, but I'm finding we're in good company! You can find me at
    Keep up the good work...lives are changing!

  5. That was the one thing I noticed when I lost weight and was working out daily. I could do things with a lot more ease and did not suffer from any pain on a hard day.

    Good for you! You go girl, you are getting to where you want and need to be, very soon.

    It also gives you more motivation when you can get through a tough day with no bad effects.

    Wish you could somehow buy his business, if it was possible. It seems like you love working there.