Tuesday, July 27, 2010

this feels good again..

well today had started out like it used too..i got up and poured my water into the stainless steel container i have, and i sat down to drink my first of 64 ounces of water..so i did ..i got it down and then before we left this afternoon to go to the eye doctor..i was working on my 2nd 24 ounces..whew did i go tot the bathroom...thats what is wrong with all this water..you dont have the time to get to the bathroom..

but i made it..and i kept drinking everywhere we went today i drank my water..i was smokin...not really but i was..hehei just ended my intake for the day and it was 84 ounces of water..whoohoo..not a drop of anything else..well i did have a couple of kiddie snocones..i do have to stop that..that is still sugar even if its a kiddie one..i counted my calories tonight..and i ended up with 1500 calories..i really wanted to be at 1300 and if i had stopped with the snocones i would be..but i will try again tomorrow..i havent weighed in a while and i need too soon...i know i have gained some weight and now over the 300 mark again..i hate that too..i was so looking forward to being under 300 for a change..but i will get there again..i know i will..

i didnt walk tonight i will tomorrow night..my friend was missin me and it isnt very often that he actually tells me that so i went to see him, and we had a good time..he and i always talk so late when were together..time just flies..and so i came home late and didnt have the time to go out real late and walk..so tomorrow will catch me walking and then cleaning..our sister is coming again for a few days and we get to meet kenlie on sunday..so were cleaning away..

but i feel good again..i do and i know God is right here with me helping me all the way..i know one day i will see 130 pounds..and it wont take me forever to get there...im so glad that i have all of you out there to help me along the way..its so nice to have such good support..thank you all..

i guess i better get to bed..its late again..gotta take my car to the mechanics tomorrow..hopefully its not too bad..goodnight!

enjoy the journey


  1. A hint I remember reading once from a nutritionist: if you gulp your water fast, it WILL run right through you, and you'll have lots of bathroom time.

    But if you only drink it down 1 cup at a time, your body will have time to absorb and utilize it better.

    Best way: sip evenly throughout the day.

    Hope that helps some,

  2. Wow Kelli! 84 ounces?! That is incredible! :) Have you told Sean? He'll be so proud too!

    Don't worry about cleaning for me Kelli. I'm just looking forward to being there! And I feel lucky that I'll get to meet your Michigan relatives too. :)

    See you Sunday my friend! Keep up the good work too. It's so worth it! :)

  3. Too bad you both can't walk together!
    It is so special to have a friend like this. This is how Papa and I are. Can talk for hours. Or just be together and not speak at all!
    Sometimes if you are building muscle, you will gain. I am not sure what you have been doing lately but, if you are doing a lot of lifting, carrying or using your muscles in some way or another you are probably bulking up those muscles. No problem, you need that strength to keep going! Hopefully with your BFF.

  4. You sound amazing! I am so happy for you.

    Keep it up!