Friday, July 2, 2010

why is this day so long...?

Why why why...? I can't understand why this day has been the longest day in history for me..
I am at work right now and I have been since would think 6 hours wouldn't feel
Like forever..but it does..I started out the day being busy..better than yesterday and it flew
By yesterday...I'm tired and right now..I wanna go home..I should be walking right now
But I'm not..I'm sitting and sitting isn't going to help me one bit..I ate a brownie and I
Shouldn't have..I brownbagged it today..iam finding I need to bring my food with me to work..
If I do that I can control the caories better and my money better..hehe

I made a sandwich with turkey and cheese and put mustard on was good and it hit
The spot at the right time..I ate it about 5 ..I had already had about 300 calories before
That and so now I've had about 940 calories..but the day isn't over I bet I eat something
I know iam going to walk when I get home..I have to..I think being bored to death and the
Weather has given me a headache today..I'm drinking my 6 glasses of water right now and
Before I go to bed it will be 9 down me..last night I walked a mile and a half all at tonight
Iam going to go for 2 miles at once..I'm trying to get to 3 miles so I can walk boomer lake and
Not feel tired..I am feeling good these days and really feeling like I can walk all over the place..
It feels nice to be able to walk and not have to worry about a cane or maybe going into
A wheelchair later..I have been trying to figure out what kind of food I need to buy to make
For my lunch or supper...I'm not used to eating a lot while I'm here but I need to eat one meal and that
I need to bring with me..

Well this is the 4th of july weekend and everyone will be grilling..I hope you all enjoy it and have fun..
Were expecting rain for the weekend and that's not fun..I hope we do get to see the fireworks.
Tomorrow we are going to the stockade to celebrate my birthday and my sisters I'm going to
Keep it under control..I can do this..I've done it before and I will do it again..have a great night

Still feeling good..


  1. some days are looooooooooooooonger than others.
    I got five hours of sleep last night and boy did I feel it today as I had to hit EVERY FLIPPIN STORE.
    Then I still had to do my was a long one.
    It felt endless...the seventh time around the track felt like a punishment.
    It will end and tomorrow will be better.
    Hang in there.

  2. YOU SAID:
    "It feels nice to be able to walk and not have to worry about a cane or maybe going into a wheelchair later."

    I'm jealous. I can't wait for my diabetic foot to finish healing so I can resume doing a little walking, hopefully very soon.


  3. Some days just feel long for no reason...This whole month needs to speed by if you ask me. :) I love Summer, and I want to enjoy it..but I also cannot wait to be in Oklahoma. You know that! :)

    Have a happy 4th! And have fun at Sirloin Stockade. You can do it.