Friday, July 16, 2010

reading a good book sure helps to relax..

ya like my new haircut..i did it myself..and here iam drinking the water and no makeup..whew what a picture..hehe

i have been going thru so much emotional stuff for like a week or so..but today i decided i needed to let it go..whatever happens happens..and what i need to do for myself is focus on God and let Him do what i cant..i have been saved since i was 9 years old..there is no one in this world that can tell me there is no God..i know because i am here..i know because this world is still standing..i know because i believe.. but as a christian we have duties or laws to go by that comes from God..we all have laws to go by even non christians these are the ten commandments..given by God..i try to go by them..i know i am a sinner ..we all are...but i do try and live a christian life ..i try and love everyone..i said i try..hehe it is hard to love everyone..i just dont know how Jesus did it..i know its because He was perfect and were not..but we are to try and live as close a life like Jesus as we can..well i am probably far from perfect as i know we all are..if we were living the life we should be ..then we probably wouldnt be blogging about our obesity..since its a sin too..

i decided today i needed to get closer to God..i needed to know the Book like i should have known it years ago..i hadnt ever really read my Bible..i had only skimmed through and read a few chapters here and there..but i have been reading for a while now..well i think since i started blogging i started reading too..but lately i hadnt given God enough of my time..and so i decided since i wasnt getting customers and even through the customers i would read..i didnt turn my dvds on or my music ..i just read and read..and i read 15 chapters in a couple of hours..i had gone through the first book and was into EXODUS..Genesis was the first book and i was reading about Joseph and his brothers who were so mean to him..Joseph was an amazing man..he was only 30 when he was imprisoned for something he didnt do..but he didnt give up..he had faith that God was with him all the time, and that He was going to make things better later was an amazing story..something i needed to hear..i needed to read this and know even though i do know ..but God turned everything around for him..God took the bad and made it good..He made Joseph's life more abundant because Joseph had the faith in GOD that HE would do it..

like i said i read this at work..i dont get to do much else just thankful i can read it at work..alot of jobs wont let you bring books..but while i was reading i was becoming more and more relaxed..i guess i needed it tonight..i was sitting there drinking my water and reading my Bible and helping customers too..i did get a few...hehe but i felt like i could do this..and i know with the help from God i will do this..because really this is Gods doing ..not mine..He is the one who gives me strength everyday to get up and keep going..HE gives me strength to say no to dr.pepper every single day of my life..and so i dont get the credit here..God is my provider and my strength and i know He is the one who will deserve the credit when the journey is over..

i came home and i was going to go walk but we got a storm brewing up and then it got too late and the storm never came..but the lightening now i will try again tomorrow..maybe i will be able to walk in front of my house tomorrow night to get back to it..i have been drinking my water and i got 6 glasses down me and i am working on 9 6 last im close just not always hitting 64 ounces..i decided to trim my hair tonight so i did and ended up trimming the whole head so here iam with my new haircut drinking my water with NO MAKEUP ON..WOW what a picture that is ..hehe

well i am going to bed now..i certainly appreciate all of ya with the comments and the concerns..i have just had some rough patches lately and hopefully now i will give it to God and let it rest..
so you all have a great friday ..keep drinking the water...
loveya all


  1. That is the best thing you can do.
    Ahhh exodus.
    I love the story of got really unfair when that hussy threw herself at him and then got him chucked in jail. Holy crow huh. I need to start reading the bible again. Every time I do I get sucked into revelations and then I can't sleep...not light reading by any stretch! Feel better Kell...oh, and I like the no makeup look.

  2. I prefer to read the New Testament and I also believe you have to practice what you learn from the Bible and be proactive. I am not a person who vents; I have to fix things and I'm really trying to get healthier and lose weight too. Kelli, you will lose the weight and yes, you can have a new life, but you have to go for it and make it happen. Hope that makes sense!

  3. I am no longer a church-goer, but I have faith and do try to live my life as a good Christian should. Sometimes life can get us down, and doesn't go the way we planned. I do feel handing over our problems..letting someone else take the weight and the very good for us. 'Let go and give it to God - a higher power' is something I live by (even though I stupidly think I can fix everything myself!) It clears the mind and helps us move forward I think.

    Keep on keeping on Kelli! You are doing so well :) I am just about to get a big glass of water!

  4. You have a never ending supply of support from the Lord and your family and friends!!

    Go Girl!

  5. Hi Kellie, I have an award for you on my blog to add to your collection, so drop by when you have time and keep up the great work!