Tuesday, July 6, 2010

trying to get back on track..

this is me and sean a year ago in the winter time..and us now last saturday..

i have had a very busy weekend..i have finally walked my 2 miles all at once...whoohoo i was excited about that..but even though i had done well walking..i ate and ate over the weekend..i wasnt very good about my calories this past weekend..i kept finding myself eating without thinking..saturday we went to the stockade and that was a day where i watched my calories but that started the cake..im not doing well when it comes to the cake..i didnt feel so good eating the amount i had eat...and then not drinking enough water..im finding if i dont start drinking my water right away, then i may not drink enough.. so i have to just stay away from all pop..

then i thought okay i will begin again tomorrow...maybe i will have a better day..well im not sure that happened..july4th and we were home to eat and i ate the meal without finding out the calories first...i really should have first..because we had goulash and that is fattening..520 calories in one serving..i ate like 3 cups of it..so i know i didnt do well sunday..and then our fireworks got canceled so i ended up eating and nibbling and now iam back to the work week..but on sunday i did do the 2 miles in 42 minutes..so im not sure how this weekend has effected me..but i do know i was eating and not thinking and i have to stop that..it isnt going to work if i keep eating like that.

i did do well on my water yesterday.i drank 8 glasses of water and tried to get my calories back on track..but for some reason i have just been a nervous eater lately and i dont like it..i even started doing it today too.but decided if i was going to just eat, then maybe an apple would be better for me..so i have eaten 2 apples and a banana today..im trying to realize when these times happen and what iam doing at the time to maybe try and prevent it from happening..

i think right now im more stressed out over not having the job i need to have.i have bills and bills and right now the job i have depends on the weather and with this weather i havent got to work..so i eat..im trying not too but i have to really focus on it..this whole week is going to be rain and more rain.so i hope i can do better this week than i have this past weekend.

hope you all have a good night..


  1. Sometimes when we derail it is SO hard to get back on track. You've had a birthday and the holiday and job stress... Your train got to rolling downhill a little too fast.

    BUT you have lost 60 pounds! Look at your pictures! My goodness--your good work shows!

    You pushed through the poor food choices and walked. Good job. I believe you will push through the emotional and habit eating to better food choices, too. You have a "track" record here--60 pounds gone!

    We can do this!


  2. I know its hard and eating before finding out the actual calories is one of my biggest problems. You can get back on track sunshine! I have faith for you! And double kudos on choosing an apple. Nervous.emotional eating is one of the hardest to battles but you are doing great!

  3. Actually, that is a "lost" before picture of me, not from a year ago---unless it was the winter of 2008...But anyway---
    Thank you for finding it!!
    Kelli---you're doing really well. If you want to do even better--with consistent results---you must lock down your calorie budget---and when the calories are not in your "account," you're forced to deal with the trigger emotions without the comfort of food. It's not easy Kelli, it's not. But it's all apart of conquering food addiction, at least it has been for me. And I know it can be for you as well.
    Great choices in the fruit--very nice Kelli. You can reach this point, I believe in you Kelli...and it's a point where the weather has zero effect on what we eat---we can't practice new responsible ways of eating just on sunny perfect days---it's every day---regardless of the storms. And of course---I'm not just talking about the weather. But you knew that... ;)

    Love you sis,

  4. I know for me that getting into an exercise routine was more challenging than getting into a regular food routine. So, it is great that you are still walking and got your mileage in...that means that when you do get back into your calories, you'll be doing extra great.

  5. Kelli, just keep walking, my friend. The exercise will help you emotionally.

  6. I agree with the others, you did several things RIGHT.
    You DID do your walking.
    You DID choose healthy fruit when you wanted to eat.
    You DID try to identify "why" you wanted to eat.

    As you know, it's a learning process. And I am sure you will get there. Just get back up immediately from a stumble... you will get there.