Monday, July 12, 2010

gettin closer to my 3 miles..

these are pictures from today.. we had some weather that looked bad so God gave us a rainbow to remind Him to not flood us anymore..
here i am tonight after i walked 2 miles and the geese were crossing the road..they were on their way to a picnic..hehe

today was day off from work..i only get one day off and today was it..i got up not wanting to go to church..the devil was gettin to me.but i fought back and went.i am so glad i did..i needed the lesson this morning and the preacher was a guest today so it was meant for me to be there..i felt good while i was there and even felt good sometime afterward..but somewhere during the afternoon my mood sorta changed and i didnt feel so great anymore..i wasnt eating my troubles away just depressed...i am finding myself to be more depressed lately and i feel like its up and down alot..i dont know what the deal is except maybe i am a woman and knowing that, i have so many emotions to overcome..

i take a nerve pill which i am so thankful for..a few months ago i was a mess and i dont want to feel like that again..i have noticed i have come along way since then..i am 33 pounds thinner than i was in feb..and most of the time i feel pretty good..i dont cry all the time like i used too..and now if i do cry its not crying for along time, its just a spell every now and i am better..i dont know i think i am still so worried about my money that i dont have, that it makes me depressed..i cant do anything because i have no money..but i have to depend on God and He WILL take care of me ..i know that i just have to have the faith that i say i have..i have to keep believing and knowing that God is going to take care of me and my family..

i didnt do badly on calories today or yesterday..but i havent drank any water today..and thats a no no..i start a water challenge tomorrow with sean and i better get to drinking the water again..i did walk last night while i was at work i walked a mile and then i came home and walked a mile..i felt better yesterday for some i didnt want to walk but i posted it on fb and some girls jumped on me right away and said i better go walk..thanks girls..i did walk even though we were getting ready for a storm..but i guess it blew over cause it hasnt happened yet..anyway i went out and did 2 miles in 42 minutes and still didnt want to walk when i was walking..but i am glad i did..i came in sweatin and burning calories so i did my body hopefully i will get to 3 miles next week..i want to walk the lake soon..alot of people were walking the lake tonight..that was nice to see..
i go back to work tomorrow and another day..

talk to you all later..
feeling the pain..


  1. I'll be there walking around the lake with Sean in a few weeks. Maybe by then you'll be ready to come with us. :) I hope so!

    I'm proud of you for walking tonight. And you inspired me to workout too so feel good about that. These days in which we don't feel like exercising are the most important. These days are when the real changes occur in us.

    The water challenge starts today so get ready! It's going to be great!

  2. Hey kelli, great job on the almost three miles. And you know that you are probably more up and down with your feelings cause you aren't eating them anymore. Now is a good time to sort through them. Joining the water challenge is a great idea. Keep on going Kelli...things will sort out.

  3. You're on the right track, girlfriend, you are. Feelings don't have to be frightening--they let you know that there are things that need--as Chris said--sorted out.

    Sort as you can, then when it gets too much, put it down and come back later. And, in the meantime, keep walking and eating well.

    You're going to do this thing!

    Oh! You're picture is beautiful, just beautiful.


  4. Kelli, just keep on with the walking. Sometimes we don't look forward to it, but after it's done and we're hot and sweaty and it's behind us, isn't that a great feeling? I know it's the walking that is keeping me mentally focused through this journey. Oh, and drinking the water helps, too.

  5. Great pictures! It will be nice to document your journey with these in your book!
    Why is the snocone place going away? I am sure you thought of buying it? If it is anything like the coffee stands around here, since we have one on almost every corner, it would be a success.
    Good for friends to push your back up when you are down. That is priceless to have in your life.

  6. I think the exercise helps with the feelings. I find my exercise time give me the chance to think about things and figure them out. There's usually one long blog post after those nights! :)