Friday, July 23, 2010

this is how my day went!

okay everyone..i know my day didnt go well..i know i ate too much and did no exercise and very little water..i know that and i know i have to change things..i have to do the exercise and the water and the calories.if i dont i will be right in the same spot and possibly bigger than i was..i am not going to go backwards...i will not do this to myself..i got up at 6 am this morning and was was thru the course of the day that it was going bad for me..i guess it usually is that way for people..

this is what i ate and how i was feeling at the time..

morning was a protein bar..180 calories i was fine..but hungry..
i went thru the morning and after i had been turned down for a loan to pay my bills and then my friend was telling me how he felt, and then my car was giving out on me and the mechanics were turning me down left and right..this was my morning..this is how it all started..i came home and ate 5 marshmellows which are now gone..125 calories,

then at 1230 i went to work, well my day had already been shot down and i didnt care anymore at this i went thru burger king drive thru and ordered a double cheeseburger combo ..not a small a medium although it would have been a small but they didnt give me that option..i got fries and a 32 ounce dr.pepper..not a dt.drink a regular drink...okay so the meal is 460 for the burger and 410 for the fries and 400 for the drink..then i also got a hershey sunday pie..something i have only been looking at but something i have had and i know how good it is..310 calories..okay were getting into a lot of calories here and its only 1 pm ..

so i go to work and by 3 pm i have eaten all this food..i have watched every bit of food go down my mouth and at the same time thinking to myself what did i just do..this isnt helping..i just made it worse..i thought for a moment that the food would help wrong i now i am drinking my pop and not my water and i have my water there with you can see i was planning on drinking the water today..i was bored now..had 5 customers by 5 pm..what a day and this is crazy would think someone would be around..i kept looking at the blog i had put up earlier and getting on my facebook to see what everyone says..i do that from my i ate snocone after snocone today..must have been at least 3 ..small of course but i had already had i had way too much sugar..and then by the time i was off at 9 tonight i was wore out and just plain tired of the whole day so i ended up getting a double dip ice cream from braums..not a single dip yogurt..but a double dip ..another 600 calories...
no water and
no exercise and way too many calories..if i havent gained a pound today..i will be very lucky..this was my bad day and hopefully i wont get up in the morning and do this has to stop here..i came home and i have had a bite of cheese which was 100 calories..but its because i went to lay down and ended up falling now i am going to go back to sleep and try and have a better day tomorrow..

so lets add this up..
350 for snocones
100= what a bad day! no more! NO MORE DAYS LIKE THIS..!
you all see me going down this road again..yell at me ! thanks..
have a great night!


  1. Nope, no yelling. This journey is not about yelling. It's about change and that can be so hard! But I know you can do this. :)

    Today is over, done, no do-overs which is great! It means tomorrow is a clean slate, a fresh start, a new chance to make good choices with water, calories, and activity. A new chance at success, one step at a time!

    I read this statement on a blog (Deb Will Be Free) recently and she was told this by another blogger... "Progress, not perfection" and it's so true! Each day is different. Each day throws its own challenges at you. Some days you're the pigeon; some days you're the statue. It sounds like you've had a statue kind of day, but that's today. Tomorrow, work towards being a pigeon and soar!

    I know how hard it can be and I wish I could give you a big hug. Always helps me. :) So, consider yourself hugged from afar!

    Tomorrow, try and make 1 small goal (getting your water in, walking for 10 minutes, eating one apple, etc. ) Just one non-calorie related goal and complete it. Hold onto that success. Don't worry about the rest. It'll come a step at a time. :)

    Did I say I believe you can do this? I'll say it again because I do. You can do this! :) ~H.

  2. this is life. We all have our days. But each morning brings us a new day, a fresh start. Another first step to forever. You can do this.

    Get up look in the mirror and beat the day! Good choices!

    Never give up. Lets go.

    (that ok for yelling at you)?

    You can do this!

  3. Kelli, you have the tools and you can do it! I was thinking you probably don't presently have health insurance but you must have a doctor. Perhaps a checkup is in order and you could talk about your depression. You really are a beautiful woman in your photos. Have you tried internet dating? I know another woman who blogs regularly met her husband online and they seem to have a very good relationship.

  4. Nan, Internet dating is a great idea! I know of 2 couples who met that way, married, and are very, very happy.

    Kelli, if your day turns bad early on, why not try turning it around so you can end up counting it as a good day? Just because life happens, it is no reason for us to so easily give up and not do our walking, not drink our water, and go out and eat fast food and sugar. Why can't you bring a sandwich and some baby carrots from home? Then have ONE snocone for your dessert.

  5. I met my husband on eHarmony almost 6 years ago. We were introduced online within 2 weeks of my joining, and he was still in the process of filling out his profile! complaints here!

  6. Kellie

    A little Joyce Meyer and you will get your perspective back - remember God is trying to do a new thing with you and you must forget what lies behind.