Sunday, July 25, 2010

what a difference a positive mood makes.

okay here is the big storm that passed over me last night...and here i am drinking water before my hair was colored and then me after my hair was colored..looks the same to me..but i guess thats okay..

i have been in a slump for a couple of weeks ..but i am out of it now..i feel good today..and today is what counts...i decided a couple of days ago to change my mood and be more positive about everything and just know that God will always help me get to the place i need to be thats what i am doing...

i got up yesterday and felt pretty good..i went to work as usual and had a pretty fair day with customers..we had our krazy daze this week and that usually brings the people out in the heat..and with the heat comes thirst and thats where i come in..hehe so i served em up and only had one myself..i finally did get to 1400 calories by last night..i really want to stay at 1300 so i am going to have to be better at not overdrawing any calories from the calorie bank..i like that sounds cool..

i didnt do as well on my water intake yesterday but i will do better today..i am really focusing on my calories and i have to get back to walking..i havent done that yet and i am afraid i am going to be starting over if i dont start soon..i can already feel the pain in my legs and i dont like i will try again to walk tonight...i will just have too..

i colored my hair last night and thought i was going to be bleached blonde..i was getting so excited..i wanted to see it and take pics but when i got it dry looked like my hair color i have..maybe a touch lighter..but it looks natural..maybe thats a better thing..i am sure noticing how moods really make a difference..if i had stayed in the mood i was getting into..i would have given up already..i know i would have because i used to do this..i used to get all depressed and just give up..then i would gain it all back and then some..not again..i dont want to keep gaining..i cant go backwards..i know i will have days where i dont feel like doing this but i just have to keep going and do it for me and my health..i have to realize this is life or death and i dont want the death part yet..i am going to try and stay around 1300 tonight and hopefully get back to the way i was before and really focus on it ..i want to be healthy and its not that hard to do ..i just have to do it..

i went to walmart last night and picked up a jar of pickles and some eggs to boil..i love deviled eggs and hard boiled eggs i thought for breakfast that would be good..but i could eat pickles anytime..just not too many..
well i hope you all have a great sunday..we had a great sermon at church today and it kinda goes with how i am feeling these days..abraham didnt trust God for one small thing and i need to trust God for this..the chapter was Genisis 20 ...the whole was a good i am going to put this in Gods helping hands and trust Him with all my heart...

have a great day


  1. I think attitude is everything, and right now I really like your attitude. Sure, some days are rough and some whole weeks are rough, but keeping that positive attitude you show will get you through it eventually.

    Have a nice week ahead!

    Margie M. writes at:

  2. Just sent ya a long message...sorry.
    I am glad you are out of the blue and back in the sunshine. It is hard, I know since I keep having these menopausal moments to stay positive. But, it always helps when I do things, or make changes I know will benefit me in the long run.
    Love and Prayers...stay safe from those storms!

  3. I try to keep a good attitude, it just makes things better.

  4. attitude is most of this..the mental battle is 90 percent of this journey. If you conquer your mind the rest will follow. Your hair does look natural, but has a kind of golden glow to it now. I think it is pretty...prettier than bleach blond anyways.
    Great job on the calories.

  5. A positive attitude will be your best asset on this journey Kelli. :) Keep it up! :)

  6. Good for you, Kelli. I'm going to have a great week right along with ya....I really need a good weight loss. I don't gain but would be so nice to maintain a lower weight!!!! As for hair color, in my youth haha I loved to experiment- to get really blonde, I needed a stronger solution though. I have a lot of red in my hair too; we're all blue eyed/fair.