Sunday, July 4, 2010

well i beat the buffett..

these are the pictures of today..sean is actually eating some birthday cake in one of oh my..hehe

well as i said earlier this afternoon..we were going to go to the stockade for a birthday celebration..we had my birthday last weekend but we didnt have the money to go to the stockade then, so we thought we would do my sisters and mine together so everyone would be able to make it and have the amount of money they would we picked july 3rd..everyone has money by was a good start it though my sister tripped and fell pretty hard on the concrete..but she seems to be okay..she saved the cake though..whew! lol we went in and got everyone seated, and it was so cold in there we had to change areas before everything was over with..we had some rain today and that made every place colder than normal..

my sister had ordered a chocolate and white cake with whipped icing..ummm that is the best kind and so good..i got my plate and started doing what i used to do all the time..i went for the meat and main stuff first..then i thought no stop you have to have some salad and do this right..i was going back to the old ways..i could feel it..i knew it this i went and got another plate and got my salad..lots of salad without dressing..i just dont need dressing anymore..i really like it i probably looked like i was pigging out but i wasnt..i went back and sat down and took some pics of it..and then i ate the salad and the main plate sat there for awhile and then i looked at it and you know didnt look as good as it had before..i thought wow i didnt want this i didnt eat it..i did eat the roll and the green beans and a bite of meat but i had my fill of salad ..i went back again and this time for salad and fruit and watermelon and strawberries and tomatoes and wow im making myself hungry for it again..NOT! iam not at all hungry..i went away with a pain from the salad..i couldnt believe it ..i didnt even eat the main food but the salad stuff hurt me...

so i am now trying to get over that..but the cake was sure good..i know i did well for the buffet but the cake is still fighting me all the way..i ate the icing and the cake and went back for more on that..i dont want to do that again..i cant go up with this weight..and then we came home and speaking of up..thats what we watched..UP the was so funny and so sad..and ed asner did such a great job..i loved it and so did everyone we are getting ready for bed and going to church tomorrow and then shoot the works..hehe
hope you all have a safe 4th of july..loveyou all
stay safe and dry..
feeling good all the time..


  1. I absolutely love the blue top you were wearing Kelli. It's gorgeous.

    And Sean said that his mom fell..I do hope she's not hurting after the fall..but that must have been scary!

    Why wouldn't Sean eat cake? ;) I eat cake and lose weight...just not as much as before and not as often, you know?

    Anyway, I hope you thoroughly enjoyed your birthday celebration, and it really looks like you did.

    Here's to a fabulous year for all of us! =)

  2. thanks kenz..i just think he didnt want too many calories..i dont think he likes cake like i do and his mom does..hehe she is doing better..she is just sore and will be for awhile now..hope you have a great was fun..loveya

  3. Way to beat the buffet! You did great.

  4. I LOVE how you stopped yourself and went back to fill up on salad. You are changing! Buffets are so difficult. I am so excited to see where this journey takes you. Job well done!

  5. You sure looked beautiful in the photos! Cake is one of the biggest Red Light foods for me. I swear I wish I could eat cake every meal and on every day. Sad, I know. :(

    Margie M. writes at:

  6. Love the pictures! That salad looks super yummy :) Great choice.