Sunday, August 1, 2010

my first pair of jeans since high!

here iam in my first pair of jeans..and you can see i am all wrapped up now..
and the next one is my mom and two sisters..pretty ladies..taken today

wow..i didnt realize i had waited this long before blogging..i have had a really busy week..and starting to be busy i havent done as well on my water challenge as i need too..last night night i only had 24 ounces of water...thats not good..but i did realize that the water makes me feel so much better than the diet no more diet coke for me..i actually felt sluggish drinking that and when i went to get some water..i felt so much better..

this heat too makes a person feel awful..i have to work in the heat and it has made me so sick lately..i have been working so many hours lately that i havent had the time to get on the this is the first time since wednesday night that i have even been on here...i usually get on my phone internet but its so small i cant write or read from it very well..but i was taking care of my uncle last night..had to take him to the er and get some meds pumped into him..he has cellulitis on his leg and it is really we are trying to make sure he is doing okay..

i went and bought my first pair of jeans last night and was so excited..i havent wore jeans since i was in high school..and even then my mom made me ..i never liked jeans..i am a black pants kinda girl..but these jeans are comfortable and they look good..i like them even with my wraps showing..i have been wrapping my legs again this week..they have been swelling up again and i am trying to get them down to a good size before i wear the hose for now i am wrapped..but i must be used to them now because they dont even bother me..

for some reason this week has been a constant battle to stay on track..and some times i end up not on track with the calories..i havent been able to walk or do much of anything in exercises..with the legs swelling up i really need to get back to walking and try to get them down with the we are meeting kenz..she is seans new girlfriend and she seems to be a very sweet person..its weird to meet someone new..sean was married for 21 years and irene was the only girl he ever brought home..but i think kenz will be a good match for him..she really adores him and he does her too..and thats important to have that respect for one another..

so i will have more pictures of that meeting up later on..probably another post for that..well tonight i will be sleeping on the couch not in the doghouse now..hehe but my brother is moving into our dads old room and i am going to try the couch to get my legs up since my chair broke on me..thats one reason my legs have been swelling..
i guess i better wrap things up ..hehe..its almost time to meet the new a couple of years..hehe ya right..hehe

you all have a great sunday..and i wanted to say thank you to denise for emailing me..i tried to email you back but for some reason on my computer i couldnt do it..but i appreciate the email the other day ..and in fact i needed to read it for made me feel good to know i was impacting someone else's life..i was going thru some hard times that day and your email really helped thank you..

you all have a great day and enjoy your life..


  1. Great job on the jeans. What an awesome feeling that must be for you :)

    I hope the swelling in your legs gets better quickly.

  2. You look FABULOUS! and what a beautiful mom and sisters too...i gotta tell ya there is NOTHING quite like the Oklahoma heat....

  3. You should be so proud of yourself! I love the jeans and your totally right that once you start drinking a good amount of water and try to drink coke u feel like junk!

  4. I got a little teary reading about your jeans! Congrats and I'm looking forward to many more victories to read about in the future!

  5. Cute outfit, love the jeans. Congrats on finding a pair you like after all this time. I don't mean to be rude or too personal but I don't understand why your legs are wrapped in bandages. Did you sprain your ankles or have surgery? Keep up the good work, you're an inspiration. Lita :)

  6. Great job with your jeans! And exercise suppresses appetite, so get on out there and get a good walk in, it will help you stay on track with your calories.
    Great JOB kelli, and big hugs.

  7. I love the capris. The look great!
    My parents wouldn't buy me jeans when I was younger..just the cheapest double knit they could find...oh how itchy and uncomfortable I remember it was in the heat and humidity of Florida and Hawaii.
    I would usually swell in the heat. Docs told me to raise my legs and do floor stretches, excersises instead of walking. Gosh I would swell...and still do...hate it when it hurts to even make a fist!
    I abhore the heat since I pass out all the time, so...I feel your pain! Hang in there, you sound like you are still staying positive!