Monday, June 28, 2010

another day, another nickel...

me tonight and the pretty sunset across the street..or across the sky..

Here iam sitting here at work ..I've been here since 1 and will be here til 10 tonight..long hours..really long..I don't get a lot of customers around here and really I don't know why..were close to walmart..why wouldn't we be busy..but anyway its a job..I don't get paid a lot but I've been doing it for 18 years and can do it in my changing jobs for me is kinda scary if I can even find one these days..

I'm just wonderin what I'm going to eat tonight..all I have are the choices of burger king or if I want to run across the busy highway I can go to carl jr.s so I think I better stick with burger king..but I'm not liking them too well..but I can't starve..that's not good..iam already on my 3rd bottle of water and that holds 3 glasses of water in I will hit 12 glasses tonight..that's a lot of water..I've already hit the bathroom 7 times today

..its something when you drink the water and then you have a water pill too..boy that really works..I'm going to walk tonight ..maybe this evening around here and get in I hope 2 miles..I need to step it up..I was so excited this morning..I was able to really weigh on our scales today..I couldn't believe long as we have had these scales..I have never been able to weigh on them til now..that was a good feeling..I really know in my heart that this is it..I'm not going back again..I'm moving forward and keep going..gonna lose it all and see what happens..I know this year is just starting and gonna be a great year..

So far I've only had 300 calories so I need to get some calories down me..but I'm enjoying this ..its simple once you get used to what you have to do..its not that hard..just a constant effort to keep going..and that is the hard part sometimes..I guess I better get off here for a few all have a good evening..
God bless you all


  1. I think you are SOOOO inspirational. I love reading your blogs and you are exactly right, you can't starve your needs fuel to burn those calories. I thought of you today when I was in the gym actually. I've got about fifty extra pounds to lose, though I'd settle with thirty. For the longest time I've refused to get on the scale. I can see that my working out and eating right is changing my body but I didn't want to get discouraged by looking at the scale and seeing numbers I didn't want to see. Well, today i mustered the courage and I am happy to report that over the past couple of months I've dropped about eleven pounds. I did the happy dance right there in front of God and everyone. The key for me lately has been pushing myself to do at least ONE extra thing in the gym even when I'm finished working out. I drink a lot of water as well. You keep on rocking it chickie...I'm praying for you and cheering you on!!!

  2. Hey Kelli, why don't you go shopping and start brown bagging it. Make yourself a sandwich or something...or pack a big ole can of soup in a thermos.
    Much better calorie value and much less expensive. You can get one big can of chunky soup, like chicken and dumplings or meat and veggies and that would fill you up for about 250 calories. Just something to think about.

  3. It's been a while since I enjoyed, I mean, allowed Burger King in my calorie budget---but I'm sure it will happen again someday---when it does, there's only one way to go for me: Whopper Jr--no cheese, loaded with extra veggies, and plain mustard as a dressing= 290 calories. I think you would be hard pressed to find a calorie value like that at Carls Jr.
    I agree with Chris--brown bagging it may be just the way to go...much more control involved and cheaper, no doubt---although it does take some planning.
    I love you sis! Great job and great pictures, absolutely---You're rockin' this thing---keep it up---take it nice and steady, you're on the way to a most wonderful place!!

    My best always---love you,

  4. I think that your scale victory, i.e. being able to weigh yourself on regular scales, is a huge non-scale victory if you know what I mean.

  5. You are doing so well... I am really enjoying following your journey. If you aren't too busy, I have an Award for you at my blog today. :-)

  6. I'm sitting here in a cheapie motel in Cocoa Beach, Florida- finally got internet access...anyhow I stopped at a local supermarket and bought some apples, whole wheat bread and natural pb that doesn't have to be refrigerated..Kelli, as others have said you need to bring a sandwich and some fruit. I'm saving $$ and I really don't like fast food- it's so greasy and I'm fussy about my lettuce in salads. Tomorrow I'm going with my class for lunch- they want Mexican so I'll have to be CAREFUL what I order! I also am filling up a water bottle twice a day and drinking mainly that here. Training ends Thursday so I'll be back home soon YAY!