Tuesday, June 15, 2010

wow what a storm..the power went out and the floods came

oh this was quite a flood..the picture of the girl is the one who was rescued from the trees..and this is our weatherman gary england and he is pointing out who got the most rain..our town is up there..stillwater..this is me coming in from the rain..see me wet.hehe what a day!
i also wanted to add this picture of my mom and dad..i like the way i did this..this was them when they were young and the little picture is when they were older..isnt it cool..

this was a day where i woke up to storms just out of no where..it started raining early this morning and it hasnt let up very much at all..i woke up hoping i would get to go to work..and so when i saw the weather ..i knew i wasnt..i really need a job that doesnt depend on the weather..i didnt blog last night, just because i was so tired from the whole day..of course eating pizza at cici's didnt have anything to do with it..lol

but we wanted a change and a change is what we got..we went to cici's pizza and ate the buffet..you know i cant figure it out..why can i go to the stockade and do well with the calories, but i cant seem to control it very good when i go to cici's..and ya know if i was going to go off a diet for anything it would be pizza hut ..not cici's..

so really iam not sure except i love the brownies and the cinomon rolls..i did drink water all day and i hadnt eaten very much but i probably over did it..not again though..i didnt walk either and should have..but lately i havent felt really good so i didnt last night..
i ended up going to have a coke with my friend, and he is just so excited about the weightloss...he is wanting to walk with me around the lake now so in another month we may be doing that..i have never seen him this excited and i am so glad..he wants to do better and he wants the weight off and he wants to support me in doing this as well..so this is all good..

i came home so late that i just went on to bed..and then i woke up this morning at 6am again..and heard it rain..and it rained so much in oklahoma city that it flooded and people were having to be rescued from their cars and trees..one poor girl was swimming in the river to get over to a tree to get into ..she was finally rescued..

we havent had a flood like this in many years..i did better today and still didnt walk..i have to get out there tomorrow i hope..i drank the water and it doesnt seem to be a problem for me there..but tonight i didnt feel well..i think its the girly thing and so i layed down and ended up falling asleep and missed my walk..but i was just starting to come in here to do my blog when the power went out all over town..we thought it was just around here, but it was everywhere..and an hour and a half later after we burned the candles to see by the lights came back on..this has really been a storm..i hope to be able to walk tomorrow and i hope i feel better soon..i still feel bad tonight..but i went to weigh this afternoon and why i think its a girly thing is because it said i gained 10 pounds and i know i didnt gain no 10 pounds..it has to be water retention and the bloat feeling..i shouldnt have weighed , now i wont til my birthday..well i better get to bed if i can..im not real sleepy now..hehe

hope you have a great tuesday..


  1. I have certain restaurants/foods that set off something in me. I have to avoid them! :) It's nice that you're friend is so excited for you. I hope that you have a great day. Stay dry!

  2. Pizza is one of my "poison" foods. I love it, and always eat too much, and yes it is salty. It has been over a month since I have put it in my mouth, so that is one of my little accomplishments.

    Great that you will have a walking buddy. It makes the time pass by quickly, and it will be so good for you both.

    Keep up the water and walking!