Wednesday, June 2, 2010

well i have almost made it..whoohoo

these pictures are all from memorial day..its really hard to believe my nieces are old enough to be with just doesnt seem real..this is pretty much us now..

well i know i havent blogged for a couple of days..i have been extremely busy to where i cant even sit down at the computer to do anything...monday of course was memorial day and we got around kinda late around one had to go to work so we all stayed up late and then slept b the time we got around to getting ready and i helped my sister and mom do their was getting time for sean and his family to come and be with us that day..we always go out to the cemetary with all of us dad and nephew are out there as well as several aunts and uncles and grandparents and cousins..we used to have such a huge family and such big get togethers and now it is down to my mom and 2 aunts and 1 uncle out of 10 kids...

anyway, we went to taco mayo and i ate 2 tacos and one refried beans..that was very filling and i had water to fact i had 68 ounces of water that i never thought i would drink that much water and like it..even tonight i have had 40 ounces and had them late tonight..i ended up with 1270 last night and really was not hungry ever...i even went out and walked a mile last night..after we went to eat then we went to the cemetary and looked at the graves..its always mom broke down yesterday at home thinking about my dad..i guess we better not talk to much about him..she seems to miss him more these days..

when we came home i walked and then i texted my friend to see if he wanted to go get a coke and he we were out for a long time..6 hours we talked..i couldnt believe it..this is how we were when we were going together..we were always talking and never could get away from one another for too long..well we had a good time and enjoyed it..i didnt get in til 230 am and then i had to find some pics for sean to put on his blog..iam the photographer around here and i have pictures going back to when we were 10 years old..of course we have pictures as well of us when we were babies..i just dont know where they all are..

anyway that was yesterday, so now comes today..well it started off taking my mom to the doctor..of course i had to take my brother to work and then my mom to the doctor and it seems she has a pretty strong heart..i was watching it beat and it looked pretty cool..then i went to iam on my monthly so i took about 4 pounds off for that..and it said i weighed 301..301 can you believe that..i couldnt ..its been a week since i started drinking all water and i lost 9 pounds..i could not get over it and still cant..its amazing..water is the really is..and so we did our errands and got my brother for lunch and then back home we went..i was so tired but i had to go to work..i took my brother to work and then i went to work..i really dont like the day shift but right now i had to work it..hopefully i wont anymore..i trained a new girl today and she did really well so she is going to do it tomorrow...well after work we went to wendys and had the grilled chicken go wraps and went on home after that..we are expecting sean and his company on thursday and so we are cleaning the i really didnt think too much on food tonight..i was trying to mess with my sisters new computer to get it set up but i couldnt do it very well...i didnt walk tonight..i was just tooooo tired from all day but i did just have 1285 in calories and i drank 40 ounces of i think its time to get into bed..its 230 in the morning and i dont want to get up real late tomorrow..

so goodnight..


  1. Wow! Awesome!!!! I loved reading this! :)

  2. P.S. We are so close to the same weight. According to your ticker, it says you weigh 306 and according to the TOPS scale yesterday I weighed 305.5! cool! Down we go!.............

  3. 301 301 301
    You are sooooooooo close kelli!
    You are making this happen.
    I am so excited for you!
    And your ex...well, hmmm.....probably taking a second third and fourth look.