Tuesday, June 22, 2010

we had a very good fathers day and a long day afterward..

wow alot of pictures i know..but you know me .im the photographer..these were all taken on fathers day and the last two were on my way out to my friends house..he lives in the country and there are cows everywhere..isnt it a pretty sunset..enjoy them..

wow, it is already the official first day of summer, even though it has felt like summer for 2 months now..but this was a good long hot day..hehe can you tell i dont like heat..im not a summer person even though i was born in the middle of summer..my birthday is saturday and so it is coming up fast..42years young..thats the way i am going to be now..young, not old , not an old woman but a young soul..i want to feel young..i want to be here for a long time to come so that maybe if i ever do get married, i will be able to play with little children whether they are mine or my husbands..i want to have a child before i get much older..if its possible..but i know thats a dream and to most people a reality but for me it seems so far away..but if i dont get this done now, i wont be here to play with any kid..so this has to be done, and maybe thats what God is doing..He is getting me ready to be able to be a grandma to some little child..

i am so wore out tonight.i worked all day today and when i first got up it was late..i just had barely enough time to get dressed and get going..i open at 1 and close at 10 so this has been the longest day for me..especially when the people dont get out til the sun goes down..that was 9 tonight..i really didnt feel good either or i would have went out and walked when i got home..i am going to do that tomorrow..i have to keep it up in order to do anything..but now i am home and can go to bed and iam so glad...

we had a good day yesterday, we tried our best to make it that way..sean and his youngest came down and we all went to charlies chicken ..our usual place these days to go for special occassions..they have good food and its not real high calorie..i had the roasted chicken and a salad without dressing..i like it better that way..i did eat the roll and i had half of my mashed potatoes..i gave the other half to my brother..so my dinner came to 490 calories which i thought was really good..we took alot of pictures which we always do when they come down now..but my brothers are the men of the house now..my brother keith and my nephew/brother sean..so we got in some good pictures...my other nephew shane and my dad were the ones missing in our fathers day...i have 2 more nephews and a brother in law but they arent here at those times..we remembered my dad and we have good memories of them both..

it was a day of reflecting on the past and trying hard to move forward to the future..thats all we can do is keep going..sean and his young one went to the lake to do a 5k and we ended up following them over there and i got some shots of them walking..which i thought was pretty cool..then we came home and boy it felt good to be inside..we have had some really hot days and they dont seem to be over with yet..

i went out to my friends house last night and stayed out there til it was too late to do anything but go to bed..so iam doing my blog now because of that..but we had a really good time visiting..we enjoy being friends and encouraging each other along this journey..he has already lost 15 pounds and he looks great..he put me on his treadmill and wow let me tell you my pedometer must be set wrong or something, because i tried to do 3 miles and hour on his treadmill and i almost fell off..it was fast..tooo fast..i can do 2 and a half miles an hour which is really something since it was just a few months ago that i couldnt walk any at all without my cane..so iam proud of that..i know that as long as i keep going, then this will come off..it has too..i think i am going to be checked for that hypothyroidism..i seem to have gone thru everything it says..so i may have it and that may be why iam not losing alot..but either way i am just going to keep trying and keep moving forward..thats all we can do..

we had so much fun doing his treadmill last night, and i am so glad he is getting into losing his weight and counting his carbs..he means alot to me and i dont want to see him die an early death..so we are encouraging each other and that feels nice..i did walk last night for 15 to 20 minutes and then tonight nothing..so i need to get busy tomorrow and walk and do this every day and everyday and everyday..i was for a while but lately i slacked off since its so hot, but i cant do that anymore..i did well on my calories both days..yesterday i ended up with 1300 calories and tonight it was 1470..i had a snocone today since i was there all day and so i counted it ..but i am doing well and tomorrow i will do well again..i took my water pill the last 3 days and thats all i do now is live in the bathroom..so maybe when i step on the scales again i will be lighter..hehe we'll see..that will be friday..

i am going to bed early tonight at least early for me...lol i hope you all have had a good and prosperous day..it has been a good one..
have a good night and seeyou all tomorrow..


  1. hey kelli, I am glad you are moving forward with a great attitude.
    Have you seen up the movie.
    If you haven't you should. I think you would like it and the message.
    Keep up the great work.

  2. no i havent seen it but i would like too..and thanks iam trying..

  3. Very nice Kelli--You're doing fantastic sis, keep up the amazing work, ok? The benefits are really going to change your life for the better in ways you might not yet imagine. It effects everything in a positive way.

    Love you sis,

  4. thank you for the support!!! I left you a comment on my page... so blessed that you commented on my blog! blessings! (and i'm following you!) :0)