Sunday, June 6, 2010

im back to walking..

i have felt good today..maybe its because i wasnt at work and was busy today..i went to church this morning and the message was a good one..i almost felt like i needed to hear it so iam glad i went..i had been away for about a month, and sometimes it is so easy to fall out of going to church and reading the Bible..i need to make that my first priority over this blog..but i feel good..i know God has a plan for me, sometimes its just hard to keep going and still smile about it, even though iam crying on the inside..i see so many people who get married everyday and some 3 or 4 times in their lifetime and i wonder how do they do it..i cant find one man to marry much less 3 or so i get frustrated and impatient and lately this past year or so i get very emotional..i cry for nothing..

BUT IAM STOPPING IT RIGHT more crying or whining about not being married or having kids..i know kids and a husband and marriage can be a pain sometimes..but if its such a pain why do so many people do it..? you know you take the good with the bad when your married..and if your not sure of the person your with you take a little longer getting to know him..i almost rushed into a marriage and we are both glad we didnt..but we still care for one another..i dont know that we will ever get married to one another but were friends..

anyway iam just going to focus on what God is telling me and how HE wants me to be..i will focus on getting better and better as kyle says and getting slimmer and slimmer..i hope to be 130 by my graduation which may be later than i thought now..but that gives me more time to get i am getting faster with my walking now..i walked 2 miles today ..i did the first mile in 93 degree heat and it took me 22 minutes to do a monitor said i was doing 3 miles an hour..i was then i walked this evening after it got a touch cooler..and i mean it was just a touch..but this time it took me 28 minutes to do a mile..i was walking 2 miles an hour tonight..i guess i was tired..we had a good day today..and my sister and i are doing well watching our calories..i had close to 1300 calories tonight and have been drinking alot of water ..i have had 48 ounces so far and will probably have another glass which is 16 ounces for me..before today has been good..

i may not weigh til the day before my birthday..just because i get so upset if i gain water on the 25th we will see if i have gotten under the 300 mark..i would love to see 299..i think that would be a great birthday present..i will probably be writing late tomorrow night..i have to work all day..from 1 to 10 so i am going to be wore out..but i will be drinking my water and trying to walk some if i can..i guess i need to get back to thinking about going to bed you all have a great night..and a wonderful monday..keep it a non pop monday..


  1. You sound like you've come to a wonderful place...and you are truly getting better and better.

  2. i sure hope so..iam trying to focus on this and not on what is not are an inspiration to me always..

  3. I love your positivity today:)

    Kelli, even finding three or four husbands, in a lifetime doesn't bring happiness, it is actually a symptom of gross unhappiness.

    Today you have put it in a nutshell,"I am just going to focus on what God is telling me and how HE wants me to be" You won't go wrong sticking with that plan my darling girl.

    Big Hugs


  4. You know...I'll be 30 years old in less than a month, and I've never been married. I've been close to thinking it might happen, but the truth is that I would be missing out on fantastic things that are happening now if I had been.

    It seems that you're doing the best you can to be the best love God and yourself. And that's so utterly important (and not always easy.)

    You should be proud of yourself and know that all of you is enough.

    Best of luck getting to 299. It's going to be phenomenal!