Saturday, June 5, 2010

okay life gets busy sometimes..

well the pretty flower is one of the flowers we have around our house..and the pictures are of my nephew sean whom most of you know..well our company was his was a nice visit and we all got to meet him this time..he was very nice and everyone enjoyed it..this is my sister and her son and his dad..pretty cool..

well i know i havent blogged for two days now..this is friday night and i guess the last time i blogged it was wednesday..maybe tuesday night late..anyway this has been an extremely busy week..we had company last night for a while and we had to clean up the house besides me going to work and running around like i was a chicken with its head cut off...iam always busy it seems like, and sometimes even late at night i dont have enough time to get on the computer..

but yesterday was a good day, we got the house cleaned and then the bills got paid and we went and sat down for an hour..i dont have to work the day shift anymore so my life is back to normal about that..but we went to charlies chicken and had meatloaf and i ended up having salad without dressing which is just lettuce..but its good..i really like it..and i dont have to worry about an extra 100 calories that way..anyway i went to work and didnt have anything at work..just water..i have really been doing well on this water kick...and i really hope its not just a kick but a whole change for me ..i never used to drink water at all and now i dont drink anything else but water and not flavored water ..the real thing..good ole fashioned water..its good for you and its the put water and exercise and 1300 calories together everyday and you will lose weight..i guarantee it..its the key to the whole thing..

i now weigh 301 and its because of the water..i drink it all the time and really if i drank diet coke instead, look at how much sodium i would be putting into my system..i drink all the used to be dr.pepper..then it was dt.pepsi now its water..i hadnt walked in a couple of days simply because i have been so busy that i didnt have the time to go out in the 100 degree heat to do is so hot here i cant stand it..but tonight i did walk, and i walked faster than normal i guess..i didnt feel like it was but it must have been..i walked a mile and a third in 30 minutes..i used to walk a mile in 30 minutes so iam getting faster now..i like

i walked after 10 tonight..its the only time it feels good enough to walk..i have been doing okay on my calories..i had around 1350 tonight, and last night i know i was somewhere around 1500 ..with the company comes good cookies and they are caloried..i had 2 last night before i knew the calories..each cookie has 80 tonight i had 1 ..but i bought some wheat thins which are my favorite and i am having a bit of a problem keeping them away from me..

iam also an emotional girl right now..i dont know why but every now and then i just reason i just cry and tonight and last night were both times i cried..i think my age is getting to me now..iam going to be 42 in a few days and i dont have my own family or my own home, or a husband ..and i just feel its never going to work out for me to do anything..i have a wedding gown i bought a couple of years ago when i thought i was getting married and now i am getting ready to sell it and its never been used..i guess i am just tired..but i have done okay with the calories and very good with the water and back on track with the i am still doing it..hope you all have a good weekend..goodnight..


  1. Just look at what you have accomplished...soon you'll be in the terrific twos...and it hasn't taken "that long."...that means that in no time other wonderful things will be around the corner too.

  2. Kelli - The water does make a HUGE difference. Keep it up, girl. (And just think of those cookies as POISON!)

  3. Cuz im sorry you are sad..juz keep ur head are doing wonderful...and God has a plan for you...keep ur faith and keep up the good work on losing ur weight..i knw i am very proud of you

  4. Kelli, maybe you should sell that dress. As a way of letting go of the past. The crying may be a sign of stuff you need to work thru. Once you lose the weight, you may want a totally different style anyway.

    Don't worry, things will work out for you. Just keep plugging along with the water, walking, and calories. You're doing awesome!