Tuesday, June 8, 2010

well it was a fun day ..not too bad

well here iam at the stand with my hair up..i really like my hair up and now it is getting slightly longer so i can put it up..and here is the shake it..its cool..you just shake it..and it works..

i had a good day today..i felt good and i it wasnt too bad...i got up pretty much just in time to get ready to go to work..i had to leave the house around 1230 and so i went by and got the money and then i went to walgreens and bought a new exercise called shake it...i love this thing..its a 2 and a half pound weight and you shake it and it is supposed to get the flab off the arms and turn it into muscle..it works..i tried it for just a couple of minutes and i felt the burn..hehe you do it for 6 minutes a day and you should have great arms in no time..

i went to work and i was going to be there all day today.i work from 1 to 10 at night, and the daytime is the busiest, so i needed to get ready for that..but today i was busy from 3 to 4 but it was cloudy most of the day and when that happens our business slows down..but i had my Bible with me and another book and this shake it and a couple of dvds..so i wasnt going to be totally bored..hehe i read alot today in my Bible and enjoyed that..i even walked some outside and did a half mile..i was going to do some tonight too but when i got home my uncle was here, so i didnt go out tonight..

i did drink 6 glasses of water today and only drank 10 ounces of dt.coke..so i didnt have a complete non pop day..but close..i actually didnt like the taste of the pop so i threw it away and got some water..wow i chose water over pop..what a change..i would never have imagined this even a few weeks ago..this is a change..i dont feel right if i dont drink my water and walk..i just dont feel good if that doesnt happen..and i ate 1250 calories tonight..im trying to figure out how to do the weight loss...thank you chris for helping me with it..i didnt get to start it at the beginning of the day for me..so it is off some but the way it reads, i burn around 100 calories every hour..so if i burn 2200 calories in a days time, and i eat 1300 calories then 22 minus 13 is 9 so it would take me 4 days to lose a pound..so actually i should lose at least 3 and a half pounds every two weeks..and if i exercise i will burn alot more..okay i can do that..

i came home and was so tired from the day..it was a long day just being there..but it was fun..i enjoyed it and i enjoyed the day..im trying so hard to keep my focus on the right things and just forget everything else..i have to get this weight off, and i know God will help me do it..but i have to help myself too..so im doing it..and now im doing the sleep thing..lol you all have a good night..


  1. ok seriously?


  2. If you would like to do a post on it ...how do I put you on here..unless its just a comment..?

  3. my daughters laugh so hard when that shaker thingy is advertised on TV... we just have dirty minds. Let us know how it works!