Saturday, June 26, 2010

its my birthday and i'll party if i want if i want would party too if it happened too you..! hehe

here is the perfect gift for any birthday..a big hug..and its free!

this is who we watched tonight..el dorado..cant beat john wayne!

well today june 26th is my birthday..iam 42 years young..and thats it young..i feel young at least i did til i layed down on the couch to watch a western tonight and couldnt get back up without my back going into when did i get this old..i felt like i was getting old when that happened..and iam as old as my mom was when she had me..she was 41 and i was the last of the i shouldnt feel kids and no husband to take care of ..i should feel as young as i can..and sometimes i do..i know getting this weight off will help me feel even younger..i already feel so much better than i did even 4 months i can walk a mile in 20 minutes..when i started it took me an hour to walk a mile..i was going pretty slow..but now i just briskly walk..its a nice feeling to get a workout like that..tonight i went out and walked my mile ..i did it after dark and really wasnt feeling well when i did it..but i thought i have to get in at least a mile..and so i did..last night i did a mile and a half after dark..and really felt was good..i was sweatin all over the place..

i did well with the calories last night but tonight friday night not too great..if i had gone back and told the burger king people about the mistake then maybe my night would have been better calorie wise but i didnt and so here iam at 1800 calories for the day..i had ordered a grilled chicken sandwich and they ended up giving me a breaded chicken sandwich and i didnt even like it..but i was so sick drom the heat and the sweets that i didnt go back and tell them..i was at work and had to walk over there and i really didnt feel like walking back over so i ate it anyway..but i had already had a snocone a tiny one but one just the same and it made me sick..i cant do sweets anymore..i got sick last night too..but i have been drinking my 9 glasses down me tonight and 6 down me last night..doing good on the water..

i am going to the chocolate factory tomorrow and have a dip of ice cream..thats all i want ..i really just want to see the place.. and then later on we are going to cici's and have some pizza..i have a free buffet..i dont think i will have much pizza though..i am going to try and make it more salad and a piece maybe..iam not too big on their pizza but were not the richest family right now so its good..

i feel good about this year..i know this is going to be an awesome year..something i have never experienced before ..losing all my weight and keeping it off.. i have never actually lost a big amount before except for when i was on the fen fen..then i had lost 75 pounds and gained back this time no diet drugs..just good old fashioned work..i really feel this is a year like none before ..i am going to do my very best to make it that way..hopefully the good Lord will help me see it that way..

well i havent done a whole lot except work and sister is coming in from michigan sunday so were cleaning the house real good..well i will post birthday pictures tomorrow night..hope you all have a wonderful saturday..i know iam going too..seeya all later..


  1. Happy happy birthday! I'll see 42 in August, but I've never been a big birthday person before...I think that has changed...I might even consider celebrating this time as my "first" birthday. My life now is nothing like it was before...seems like the right time to recognize it.

    Enjoy your day!

  2. Happy birthday Kelli! It sounds like you are continuously conscious of what you're eating and how much you're moving. You should be proud of yourself for the improvements you've made...I wish you the best year of your life!!!

  3. Happy Birthday Kelli! Have a really wonderful day. It sounds like you will, surrounded by family who loves you. That is a wonderful gift right there.

    Here's to achieving your goals in the next year.


  4. Happy birthday! I didn't know you had a free buffet so you might as well use it without guilt LOL. Just a suggestion here, but I have sugar free syrup for my little snow cone maker. I ordered it online a couple of years ago and it actually tastes fine.

  5. Happy Birthday, YOUNG lady! :-D

  6. Happy Birthday!