Tuesday, June 29, 2010

just thinkin.

As I sit here at my job again..this time just the evening shift..iam drinking my water and listening to the oldies station..not that iam old..but I like it better than rock these days..I read on my phone where oklahoma has become #6 in the
Nation for obese children....I hate that..I am so sad thinking of all the people that
Won't get this early enough and end up gone before they should..I would love to
Help as many people as I can to gain control of their choices..and that's what it is..
We just have to take control of our choices..I went to kfc today with my mom and my sisters and
Brother in law and my uncle came up..this is the day they have 2.49 countryfried steak dinner
And we used to always go on tuesdays to get it..I went but I got a piece of grilled chicken
And a corn cob..and a bisquit..so I had 440 calories in mine...that dinner is 870 calories altogether..
I couldn't believe it..no wonder I was so heavy..look at all the bad choices I made just to save a
Dollar..it was terrible..I know I will not do this again..

I started thinking about all the people who eat this kind of food on a daily basis..how
Can they do this to themselves and think they are doing okay..I never really thought about
Calories til now..and then look at the carbs..iam borderline diabetic which I'm not sure how close to a diabetic iam
But I do know that if I had kept eating the way I was ..I wouldn't be here now..I was on my way down..
Down to the wheelchair, and down to not ever being able to get myself back up..I was there..
My heaviest was just 2 years ago at 356 pounds and I don't think I will forget very soon how I felt then..
I couldn't breathe and I couldn't walk without the cane, I was miserable and lonely
Thought for sure I was going to die an old maid..and
who knows that's possible..but now I have a chance
Iam working with God and He is giving me stength everyday to keep going..

As I said before, I would really like to help people in anyway I can..I know how these people
Feel..and believe me I'm still there just getting closer to the other side and can't wait to get there..
How fun is that going to be..actually wearing a size 10 or smaller..wow what a day that will be..
I wish everyone could get it at the same time and the whole world lose weight together..what a nice thought..
I walked last night when I got back home and did a mile..I'm going to walk again tonight..I'm going after it now..its mine
This year is my time to change and if you all want to join me come right along..I've got plenty of room..
Have a great evening..
God Bless you


  1. There is no doubt in my mind that your growing list of followers are being helped by your story...hopefully as much as you are helping yourself. I also have no doubt that your family (also by Sean's example) takes note of your efforts and others may follow too if needed.

    Oh...you've already changed Kelli...now it is just time and patience to see the reward from that change.

  2. Nice to meet you. I am at the beginning of my get healthier journey. Poor choices, little money and no health insurance contributed to my near demise, but bottom line was what I allowed to happen to me. I look forward to being able to read much of your story.

  3. It's an amazing epiphany to experience, when we realize that we really have the power to choose change, before it chooses us. It's always better on our own terms. You're doing it so wonderfully Kelli. I agree with Kyle---Time and patience, your time is coming sis. ---And it's coming because you've decided to steamroll every excuse, circumstance, or emotion that tries to get in the way of your change. You're not a victim anymore. You're a powerful force along your transformation road---and it's something I hoped and prayed for, for so long. It's wonderful to see you "getting it."


  4. Kelli, it's this attitude that will get you there, along with the good choices at every meal and snack. It is indeed more expensive to eat healthy, but worth every penny of it!

    Keep up the good work!