Thursday, June 24, 2010

not an ordinary day...reached my first goal..whoohoo!

okay this is me and my friend lisa ..isnt she pretty...and then me today at 296..whoohoo and this is our sun going down and the storm moving in..

well i dont think this day could have gotten any better if it tried super hard too..this has been a wonderful day..i got up knowing i was going to make this an awesome day and the good Lord provided a super great day..when we got up to go do our normal thing which we need to try and do something else..wendys has so many carbs in the food..and the sodium..its awful..but we watch the calories and really we are going to have to watch the carbs and sodium intake too..

but before we did that.i wanted to go weigh..i just wanted to see how close i am to what i wanted..i know the last time i weighed it was disappointing and it had said i had gained..but not today! wow..i looked at those scales and looked again..296..WOW 296..CAN YOU BELIEVE IT..296..hehe..i wanted so badly to be under 300 by my birthday and now i am 296..i really couldnt get over it..i had a 9 pound loss in a!

so after i stared at it for a minute then i realized i was under 300..i hadnt been under 300 since i was 30..and this saturday i will be 12 it sure makes a i ran out to the car with the biggest smile on my face and my sister knew something was was amazing..and here lately i was getting all worried that i wasnt losing anything at all..

this was my water pill and water and walking and watching the do everything together and whoohoo it comes now iam in twoturville..whoohoo!

well as soon as i got somewhere i posted it on my fb and told the whole was quite exciting...hehe everyone got so excited and was just so happy..i was estatic..i could not believe it all day...i went to work and i had only been there for an hour and a friend of mine came to meet me from facebook..she lives in another town around here and was in town to do some shopping..and wanted to come see me..we hadnt met til now and wow we are pretty much alike..we talked for an hour and a half and i didnt have one customer the whole time..i couldnt believe it ..i have not had an ordinary day..she is so sweet and a really great lady and i enjoyed the visit so much..we had to take a picture..just had too..hehe

then i was going to walk when i got home tonight but we are getting a storm in now and it had been thundering and lightening all evening so my walk is gone til tomorrow..i am really trying to see where i would like to go for my birthday..i know were going to cici's that evening ..but i wanted to go to the chocolate factory and just go in and look around ..its on main street here in town and i wasnt going to eat alot of chocolate ..probably share something..i dont friend has been trying to talk me out of it because its like torture ..why go into the place if were not going to eat something there is what he is saying..but i dont know maybe maybe still debating..but i know in my heart i do not want to gain this weight back again..not now its good choices and being careful and cautious about everything..i have to watch it ..but what a day! it couldnt get any better today if it tried i drank 9 glasses of water today..whoohoo! water is good! pop is bad! hehe

so now its sleepy time..
goodnight and GOD BLESS YOU


  1. WHOOOOHOOOOOO!!!!! congrats at the under 3. You just have to keep with it and trust the process and your hard work.

  2. YAY for Kelli! You did it! Keep up the good or should I say GREAT work. BTW just my opinion, but CiCi's isn't that tasty and you would probably not be satisfied. It's your birthday- get something GOOD if you're going to splurge- probably not sugary though. I love shrimp myself and maybe a nice rice pilaf since you eat salad a lot now. I have some challenges coming up next week- I'll be in class all day and then in a motel at night so no cooking facilities. I don't do fast food at all so guess I'll be eating a lot of salads since I'm on a budget. I hate to resort to pizza which I love....

  3. Awesome job sis!! You not only made your goal by your birthday, you shattered it! I'm very happy for you and proud!!
    I agree, we have to be very careful with our choices---but part of the "nothing is off limits" philosophy---is realizing that normal people occasionally eat chocolate---And we can enjoy it in a responsible way---sharing is a wonderful idea, something incredible, enjoy!!! Depriving yourself of this occasional pleasure wouldn't be natural, or normal.
    Too many times we try to completely avoid our weakness---refusing to deal with those behaviors, but if we don't confront our issues---they will not get better and we'll never learn how to be normal with these foods. You see why the "nothing off limits" philosophy is vital? Is it scary? Maybe a little, because we have a history--but once we deal directly with these trigger foods, it gets easier. You can't fix something if you avoid it, pretending it doesn't exist---it just lurks, and gets you later---You shut it down by enjoying some chocolate, and being confident that it was enjoyed in a normal/responsible portion with you completely in control. Eat it slow--and realize that you're at The Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, enjoying a rare indulgence, and you're still losing weight everyday!!!!

    I'm so thrilled, because I know Kelli---I know that your transformation has the power to completely transform your entire life, not just your body.

    I love you sis,

  4. Congrats on that major goal. I'm so happy for you. Let that excitement fuel the energy to keep going. It's so worth the fight!

  5. Congrats, Kelli, that is a real milestone, and doesn't it make you feel great?! have to keep it up. Sometimes when we reach a goal we want to "relax" for a week, take a little vacation. Keep drinking the water. Keep moving that body EVERY DAY in some way. And keep watching the salt and MSG. Listen to Sean...make good choices.

    You're doing great and I'm enjoying riding with you!

  6. Congratulations! I'm very happy for you!! :)

  7. What a fantastic birthday gift you gave to yourself! Twoturville! I am very happy for you. :-D

  8. What a tremendous accomplishment! That energy ought to keep you moving to the next goal...way to go!

  9. 9 lbs in a week! Wow!
    Awesome!!! Congrats!! You did it!
    Happy Birthday!!!

    12 years is a long time, you deserve it!
    Keep up with the healthy choices!


  10. Congrats on the weight loss! That is awesome! Oh and the Chocolate Factory is a must but only if you don't overeat. They have the best caramel apples ever!

  11. Awesome results! Hard work has paid off nicely. Congratulations.

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