Sunday, June 20, 2010

happy fathers day and im trying to keep it simple..

happy fathers day dad..we miss you!
enjoy your day everyone!

howdy ya all,

i got up today trying to feel better about everything..i am just trying to figure it out, but i guess i better just keep it simple and walk more and eat some and drink water..that really does seem to be it, but im hoping it is just that simple..i am going to up my walking and make sure i am staying around 1300 calories..i ate 1400 calories tonight..i ended up having a few m and m's..they were good..i enjoyed them and now i dont need them..

i had a good day..i wasnt able to walk and i know that i shouldnt be making excuses..because if i dont put in the exercise, then why should i expect to lose..i have to make the effort myself if i think i am going to lose something in the end..i know iam going to walk tomorrow because i am off i will be able too..i probably do need to invest in an exerciser of some sort..but i like to walk..

my friend has a treadmill and he is using it everyday now and so when i go out there, he is going to put me on i will be doing it tomorrow..hehe i need to just start walking in place like i was doing before...i am just a little impatient about this..i just thought i would be able to see more weight loss than i have but i guess i just have to take the good with the bad..and keep going..

before when i was losing weight..i lost like 15 pounds a month and i was eating high protein and walking everyday and then drinking quite a bit of water..and now its almost the same way and i cant lose more than a few pounds..but i will wait it out..and keep going..i have my whole life to lose this weight, so why should i be in a rush didnt take me over night to put it on..not much more than over night ..hehe but it did take a little while longer than that i it may take a little longer to take it off too..

well its fathers day and im missing my dad today..we always had a good time and i look like both of my parents and so i am just kinda wishing he was here..but i know one day i will see him again..we have 2 more men in our family to celebrate fathers day were moving forward and keeping the past in our hearts..

well i am going to try and make tomorrow a much better day then today..i did drink alot of water today and i dont seem to have a problem in that area..i ended up with the water pill moving thru all maybe i will lose some water weight before my birthday.. that would be nice..i better get to bed..gotta get up early ..
have a happy fathers day everyone..!


  1. You are keeping your calories so slow that you would think that you would be losing even if you don't get much exercise in.

    Are you positive that you do not have hypothyroidism? I have it and if I am ever off my meds or if my thyroid meds have to be raised then I can not lose weight for nothing!!

    You know there are also many, many people who have underactive thyroids but it does not show up on a simple TSH test. Plus the values have been lowered but MOST of the labs out there still have not adjusted their scales so they will show you as normal when in fact you have have an underactive thyroid.

    I suggest you look into this and do some research. Go see a really good endocrinologist.

    I know that weight loss is so very hard. Yes, you need to increase your exercise, I do agree there. But still at your weight and eating 1300 - 1500 even then you should be losing more than you are.

    Hang in there!

  2. I have hypo too and it does make weight loss harder but .....As for Father's Day,my dad has been gone for 16 years and my husband 15- honestly, it doesn't seem like it. Dad died from COPD complications and my husband had a massive heart attack at age 48. Life goes on though and we want to be healthy! I know looking 'good' doesn't mean that much to me! Kelli, you are motivated and you will lose the weight. I'm so glad I found your blog and can follow your journey. Just think- you'll be a svelte college graduate!

  3. hey, sorry about missing your dad. Keep up the good work hon. upping your exercise is never a bad thing.
    you are doing great...but I would get your thyroid checked just in case. Can't hurt.

  4. Its tomorrow :)
    I know yesterday was a struggle (reason number 23948738 why Im not a big fan of the hallmark holidays) -- but today is a new one.
    a new week.

    xo xo


  5. Happy Father's day...sorry I've been away for awhile Kelli...I'm all caught up now. I know you continue to have your confidence shaken by your approach...bottom line, though. You are doing this are keeping a caloric are are keeping at it everyday. Even if you did lose 15 pounds a month sometime before...where is that lost weight now? If it came back, then it doesn't really matter how successful that approach seemed at the time.

    Keep plugging will pay off.